7 Simple Yet Effective Benefits to Executive Coaching

This year I have seen a HUGE increase in businesses and individuals wanting to work with us one-on-one to put their people through executive coaching and executive leadership coaching for professional development.

In fact I have probably conducted more one-on-one coaching sessions this year than I have done in the last 10 years.

A big shift that we thought was worth exploring!

Speaking with current and recently completed coaching clients, we realised that there were several benefits to executive coaching over traditional forms of executive or leadership development – particularly for the last (and next) 6 months.

Here are their reasons for undertaking executive leadership coaching:

It’s Online and Available

People don’t need to travel.  Less interruption to workflow. In addition, outside of coaching other clients, you can call to discuss an issue when you need to, not in 5 days time.

It’s Personalised

One on one coaching is tailored to suit your needs, this means you get solutions to your specific challenges. You can bring a current issue to your coaching and work through it there and then with your coach, tailored to how you work within your business culture.

It’s Faster

One of the biggest objections I hear from people is that their workflow gets interrupted by attending a 1,3 or 5 day professional development workshop.  Coaching is usually a 1 or 1.5 hour session.

It Costs Less

On average, executive leadership coaching is about one third the price of sending someone on a 5 day training course.

It Provides Accountability

Coaching is usually done in blocks focussed on addressing specific outcomes.  For example, once per week for 4 weeks, or once per fortnight for 3 months.  Meeting regularly means your coach will hold you accountable to the changes you wish to implement, and structure sessions to achieve your outcomes.

The Learning Is Deeper

Executive leadership Coaching is about putting new learning and behaviours straight into action. Anchoring activities ensure you embed new knowledge straight away, both for yourself and with your team. This methodology is proven to give long term behavioural change. 

It is Confidential

Many people come to training programs guarded – they attend with peers (or strangers) and don’t want to be judged for not knowing how do something or not sure how to take the next step. Sometimes it is just having someone to rationally and logically step through a problem. Perhaps it is challenging a position or idea you have. Your Executive Leadership Coach can have those conversations with you – and you know that they stay with the coach, remaining completely confidential. 

So then, is Executive Coaching necessary for you?

No one NEEDS an Executive Leadership Coach. It isn’t essential. But having had a coach myself (on and off) for the last 8 years, my coach has assisted me in difficult conversations, honed my efficiency, worked with me to be more responsible and dependable and challenged my assumptions (business and otherwise) to achieve much higher performance than I could on my own. 

In my experience, the leaders, managers and small business owners who benefit most from executive coaching are:

  • New to a job role, specifically someone who has just inherited a team and they really want to make a good impression
  • Leading a team through change
  • Dealing with a difficult boss
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Positioning yourself for your next career move
  • Unable to lift the performance / morale of your team

That’s just to name a few.

Many companies hire executive coaches as a way to invest in their top leaders and high potentials. It’s no longer a stigma to have a coach; it’s very much a status symbol.

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Executive Leadership Coaching – Lee Hartwell Testimonial

‘It took me a while to find a leadership coach I wanted to work with, and I feel incredibly lucky to have come across Michael, who has the right mix between personable but professional and supportive but honest feedback. At first I knew there were areas I wanted to work on, but I couldn’t put my finger on what they were. Michael not only helped me identify these areas, but then grounded and rooted me in my own values, strengths and purpose which has helped realign me with my own goals and direction. “


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