Great leadership is built on a solid foundation of trust with team members. In my experience, both in the RAAF and in the corporate world, trust is at the core of a team’s ability to work together efficiently and effectively. Simon Sinek and Patrick Lencioni are both clear about the importance of trust for building a team, and the absence of trust being the first obstacle of a group to overcome.
Trust can be built quickly, and eroded just as fast. Some important questions for any team, and for any leader or manager to consider:
– What does it take to build trust with me?
– What would you to do to erode my trust?
– What actions can be taken to rebuild my trust?
In my opinion, the 3rd question is the most important and least thought of – after all, we all make mistakes and we can all learn. What does it take for you? Can your trust be rebuilt and earn again? Or is is once bitten, twice shy?

Looking To Build Trust With Your Leadership Team

These questions and more are discussed, debated and reflected on in both the Build High-Performance Teams and Lead High-Performance Teams workshops. If you need to build and develop trust with your team, reach us via the Contact page or book a Discovery Call today.
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