‘A leader should not take credit when things go right if they are not willing to accept responsibility when things go wrong’ Simon Sinek.

This struck such a cord with me this morning. My last post when I was in the Air Force (many moons ago) was at Officers Training School, which holds the motto ‘Accept Responsibility’. It meant a lot to me then and framed how I tried to behave as an Officer and teach others, and it has framed my leadership business models, coaching, training and workshops at Institute of Management & Leadership Development.

Good leaders stay in the positive against the AIR/BLEEDS personal leadership model. They:

? Hold to ACCOUNT

? Create positive INTENTION


and they avoid as much as possible

❌ BLAMING others for their actions

❌ Being to LENIENT on poor behaviour

❌ EXONERATING and hiding from accountability

❌ Make EXCUSES for poor performance

❌ DEFEND or DEFLECT poor decisions

❌ Stay in SHAME rather than take action.

Personal leadership isn’t about perfection – it is about making conscious decisions that accepts responsibility for yourself, your team and your business.

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