Effective Leadership Series Part 1: Are you an Aligned leader?
What does it take to be aligned in your leadership behaviours?

The IMLD leadership model looks at 5 distinct leadership capabilities – Alignment, Awareness, Achievement, Altitude and Adaptability. Within each of these, there are 5 behavioural leadership traits,

To be an aligned leader, you:
? Are Purposeful – you have a clear set of values and direction,
? Are Committed – you have more focus on the team and business than yourself,
? Are Resilient – you recover quickly from setbacks,
? Are Goal Oriented – you set clear. distinct and achievable goals that drive you,
? Are Transparent – what you say and what you do is in congruence.

Aligned leaders are clear in purpose and driven to achieve their goals. They have the strength of conviction to draw others to them and ‘enlist’ them to their cause.

Are you an Aligned leader? Do your aligned behaviours enlist others to your cause? Want to find out?

IMLD’s Velocity Leadership CheckPoint (VLC) provides you with clear scores against the 5 Alignment behaviours, as well as the behaviours of the other 4 leadership capabilities. To learn more, click HERE.

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