Be The Leader You Wish You Had When You Started

03 May 2021

Be The Leader You Wish You Had When You Started

Are you the behaving like the leader you wish you had when you started? What did you want / wish you had from your leader / Manager when you started? Can you remember?
Did you want:
🔹 A clear purpose / vision that you could easily understand and feel part of?
🔹 To be provided clear feedback to your team on what they are doing well with and what they can improve on?
🔹 Someone who would have the difficult conversations (rather than avoid them) to keep you on track?
🔹 To work for someone whose drive, standards, skills and behaviour were the type that you wanted to emulate?
🔹 Someone who set and maintained a standard high enough (but not too high) that you wanted to chase / strive for?
🔹 Someone who made you feel included, worthy and part of a team?
All of the above?

When I was just starting out, I didn’t know it at the time, but I was looking for a boss / leader / manager that gave me responsibility (enough to sink my teeth into, but not too much to have me drown in it), was there for advice when I needed it, and had a personal example (both in their morals, values as well as behaviours) that i was looking to emulate. Someone I could look up to and wanted to work for – someone that I could say that I was proud to work for and would stand up for.

The impact that early leaders and bosses have on our careers as leaders is profound. I was fortunate, I had an amazing first boss who met (almost to a tee) what i was looking for in a leader. My desire to strive and be like him as a leader was a huge pull – in fact, I did a lot of what I did in the hope that he would be happy and pleased with it. This is the pull that a great leader can have – they can make you want to do more and be more without even asking for it.

Out of interest and curiosity – what do you do today in your daily / weekly practise that was inspired by one of your early leaders?

What did you want from your leader / manager when you first started? Share you thoughts – we would love to hear from you!
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