Be The Leader You Wish You Had When You Started

03 May 2021

Be The Leader You Wish You Had When You Started

What did you want /wish you had from your leader / Manager when you started?
Did you want:
🔹 A clear purpose / vision that you could easily understand and feel part of?
🔹 To be provided clear feedback to your team on what they are doing well with and what they can improve on?
🔹 Someone who would have the difficult conversations (rather than avoid them) to keep you on track?
🔹 To work for someone whose drive, standards, skills and behaviour were the type that you wanted to emulate?
🔹 Someone who set and maintained a standard high enough (but not too high) that you wanted to chase / strive for?
🔹 Someone who made you feel included, worthy and part of a team?
All of the above?

When I was just starting out, I didn’t know it at the time, but I was looking for a boss / leader / manager that gave me responsibility (enough to sink my teeth into, but not too much to have me drown in it), was there for advice when I needed it, and had a personal example (both in their morals, values as well as behaviours) that i was looking to emulate. Someone I could look up to and wanted to work for – someone that I could say that I was proud to work for and would stand up for.

The impact that early leaders and bosses have on our careers as leaders is profound. I was fortunate, I had an amazing first boss who met (almost to a tee) what i was looking for in a leader. My desire to strive and be like him as a leader was a huge pull – in fact, I did a lot of what I did in the hope that he would be happy and pleased with it. This is the pull that a great leader can have – they can make you want to do more and be more without even asking for it.

Out of interest and curiosity – what do you do today in your daily / weekly practise that was inspired by one of your early leaders?

What did you want from your leader / manager when you first started? Share you thoughts – we would love to hear from you!
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