Core Values for Leaders

We hold these five pillars as core values at Developing Leaders

Take Ownership and Responsibility

Great leaders are not afraid to take ownership and responsibility for their actions, and of those they lead. Taking ownership of a problem is often the first step in solving it. Leaders use the results of their actions as an opportunity to grow and learn. Taking ownership fosters a culture of accountability in a team. At Developing Leaders, we hold ourselves to the same rigorous standards that we apply to our Leadership Candidates. 

Focus on the Practical

Great leaders understand the importance of setting realistic and achievable goals, developing strategies and plans to reach those goals, and motivating their teams to accomplish them. They are able to balance long-term vision with immediate needs. They ensure their teams have the resources they need to get things done. Developing Leaders employs tried and tested methods, effective across leadership situations.   

Be Reliable

Reliability is essential for creating trust and building strong relationships, which are key components of effective leadership. When leaders keep their commitments and follow through on tasks, it creates an environment of accountability and encourages others to do the same. This builds confidence in the leader’s abilities, leading to collaboration and respect among team members and delivering a positive impact for the business.

Live to Learn

At Developing Leaders, we believe that great leaders are constantly growing and evolving. They view learning as a lifelong process and seek out opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. They actively seek out new information and ideas from a variety of sources including books, articles, conferences, seminars, online courses and mentors. They use their experiences and those of others to inform their decisions and manage change. At Developing Leaders learning and development is at our core. 

Be Adaptable

Great leaders need to be adaptable. They understand that circumstances can change unexpectedly. They remain open-minded and flexible in order to capitalise on new opportunities or find alternative solutions when faced with challenges. They have or gain experience in how different people think and act, allowing them to effectively collaborate. At Developing Leaders, we tailor our leadership solutions to fit your environment, taking into account the stress, pressure, size and culture of your business so that we can create a solution that best meets your needs.

Developing Leaders Core Values