Could your leadership be more efficient and effective? More specifically – are you an efficient leader? Are you an effective leader? How personally efficient are you as a leader? How do rate against the Personal Efficiency Model shown above?

What choice with you make today? Responsible, accountable and with clear intentions, or blame, excuses, leniency and defence?
Personal leadership, team leadership and business leadership is all about making choices – which choices you make will determine how hard you have to work and how ‘personally efficient’ you are.
What is personal efficiency? It is no wasted effort.
Personally efficient people create clear intentions for themselves, hold others to account for their actions and hold themselves personally accountable for theirs. When they go ‘off track’, they correct quickly and change their behaviour. They don’t accept blame, excuses or leniency from themselves. In short, personally efficient people set clear intentions for themselves and then do what they set out to do?
Could you be more personally efficient?

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