Leadership is more than knowledge - it is the skilled application of knowledge put into action.

The Emerging Leaders Program is our leadership 'building block' program and is conducted over 4 days for leaders, managers and small business owners seeking to take their teams to the next level of performance.

It can be completed completely face-to-face or as part of a blended online and workshop program, depending on location and time availability.

The Emerging Leaders Program is focussed on developing core leadership skills across the three of the five core competencies listed below:

  • Purpose and Values  
  • Task Management 
  • Managing Self 
  • Team Altitude
  • adaptability

Highly effective leaders know how to adapt their own leadership qualities and skills to their team, their management, their purpose and their business environment. One size or style does not fit all situations. The ability of the leader to anticipate, train, coach and adapt is crucial to business success.

The Adaptability Leadership traits focus on your ability to adapt to changing situations.

Adaptability Leadership



Christina Benson HR Manager  Coleman Brands & Pure Fishing

'Michael led a leadership and culture program within my organisation throughout 2017. He was very relatable and effective with our group of leaders, who were each from diverse backgrounds and professions. Michael’s facilitation style unified the group and broke down any actual or perceived barriers. Personally, Michael gave me the confidence to share my vulnerabilities and learn and grow from them. He taught me to share my stories with people to enable a genuine learning experience. I would highly recommend Michael to any organisation who is looking to create a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency.'


Julie Zumpo National Org. Development Manager Sensis

'Michael facilitated the Diploma of Management for a group of managers at Sensis. He was a very engaging facilitator, and was incredibly creative with his activities and delivery style. He had a sound knowledge of management and frequently used incidents that had happened to him to bring life to the training. He always encouraged discussion and was great at summarising the group's responses. I really enjoyed Michael's sessions and would highly recommend him as a trainer.'


Marina Mildenhall Head of ProcurementMarie Stopes Australia

'Having been involved in Michael's leadership program for the past 11 months, it has given me the tools to engage my team for better outcomes, adopt new skills into my personal and professional life, learn to self-reflect and understand how I work best and to better engage colleagues. He is interested in you and challenges you to be open to new ideas and ways to look at things. He also keeps you in line when you need it. He is honest and engaging and I really enjoyed the program.'


Barry Tomlin Operations Training Manager Lyondellbasell Australia

'Michael's professional approach and experience regarding training has allowed him to be selected to deliver the Diploma of Management, and leadership modules, to 21 of our employees.Michael is able to deliver the training topic(s) whilst relating to the individual's experiences. This approach has allowed the participants of the course to achieve the most out of their training - a truly remarkable skill. It also brings out an enthusiasm within the participants that I have not seen.'


Warren Fowler National Operations & Clinical Resourcing Manager

/ Marie Stopes Australia

'Making the transition from a clinical background to the corporate world was full of challenged. As a nurse learning to navigate the world of business I was looking for advice and guidance in order to succeed in the new environment.  Through one on one leadership mentoring and coaching combined with facilitated group leadership coaching, Michael enabled me to develop the tools and skills to succeed in the corporate environment. Michael has enabled me to develop my analytical and business navigation skills and how to manage a variety of diverse situations and people while encouraging lateral thinking. Through the group workshops Michael is able to engage his audience and bring out the strongest qualities, facilitating productive conversations in a safe space while challenging the status quo. I highly recommend and thank Michael for the time he spent developing my own leadership skills.'


Ben Nicholson National Parts, Logistics & Inventory Manager Scania Trucks Australia

'Michael facilitated a leadership and values program over a 12 month period at Scania. I found Michael to be engaging and effective in delivering powerful lessons to our group of senior managers. 
I learnt how to be more assertive whilst engaging with my team, and how to connect with people on a better level to ensure buy-in and loyalty.  
Michael’s facilitation style allowed for honest, open and powerful conversations amongst our group, often taking people out of their comfort zone to gain a deeper understanding of what drives their own behaviours and thoughts. I rate Michael 10/10 for his facilitation style and would recommend Michael's skills and teachings to any organisation looking to build on their current leadership base.'

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