The IMLD Emerging Leaders Program – Workshop 12 is being completed this afternoon with the amazing team from Summer Foundation Ltd. It is with a tinge of sadness that I prepare for the final workshop developing the leadership skills and management behaviours of this amazing group of people.

This leadership program includes 12 Workshops over 6 months developing leadership skills, management behaviours, values, team development, difficult conversations and culture / cohesion skills for an amazing group of established, new and emerging leaders.

I have loved catching up with this group of legends every fortnight for the last 6 months, watching them build and enhance their leadership and management skills, both through their own reflection and learning, as well as with each other and utilising the skills they have learnt with their teams.

To Rebecca, Vince, Jessica, Megan, Alison, Nicholas, Joanna, Hitesh, Melissa, Emma and Carla, it has been a pleasure to work and learn with you all. I wish you all the success into the future on your continued leadership development journey. ❤️

Thank you to Alecia Rathbone and Joanne E Mear for the opportunity for Michael Peiniger to work with your talented and dedicated group of leaders and managers.

We wish you and your team continued success and wish you well in your continued leadership journey. ❤️

Looking To Develop Your Team To Meet Their Potential?

Just like the team from Summer Foundation, you can develop the leadership and management of your team by enrolling in the Emerging Leaders Program.

12 workshops completed over 6 months focussed on core areas as well as internal business needs. Focus topics include:

  • a comprehensive leadership assessment including personal strengths and development areas
  • leadership and management skills
  • practical skills for leading teams more effectively
  • clear understanding of your expectations and personal values
  • time and task management
  • prioritisation and procrastination
  • how to prepare, complete and deliver a difficult conversation to any team member.

If this sounds like the program fro you or your team, reach out to us via the contact page today.

The First Step In Your Leadership Coaching Journey – A Leadership Assessment Tool

Do you know the impact you have on your leader and / or team? Completing a leadership assessment tool to assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses is the first step that Bryony took in her executive leadership coaching journey.

If you are unsure of your impact on your leader / team, perhaps you should complete the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint? 25 behavioural leadership traits, focussed in 5 distinct leadership capabilities – a ‘must know’ for any leader or team looking to drive high performance. If you haven’t completed the CheckPoint, get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment. Read through the comments and feedback from those that have – many say that it has had a profound effect on how they lead and perform within a team.