Wednesday is all about gratitude at Institute of Management & Leadership Development – and I must admit to be ing truly humbled by this. It is a pleasure to work with goal oriented leaders – and it is easy to be dedicated when the people you work with are so willing to challenge themselves to improve their leadership behaviours through Executive Leadership Coaching.

A brilliant and genuine coach with a passion to help and listen. Michael empowers thought leadership through unbiased perspective while ensuring a comfortable space to express and bounce ideas. Even with the recent lockdowns, Michael created a virtual space where we challenged thoughts and ideas to improve outcomes through creative metaphors and examples in a humorous and engaging way. I was very much looking forward to our sessions together, bouncing ideas and challenges. He is very enthusiastic and dedicated(!) and always follows through, even beyond our scheduled sessions. I also really connected and enjoyed Michael’s distinctive approaches to visualising problems through aviation and his Air Force experience.

I would highly recommend Michael to any executive/manager wanting to enhance their senses and build on their managerial career forward. He has been a fantastic help in the last four months, and his commitment to helping me achieve my goals has been outstanding.

Asaf Ziv, cardioScan

Thank you ❤️
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