Yesterday I had the pleasure (and pure joy) of facilitating the first day of the Developing Leaders Executive Leadership Program Phase 2 with Sunbather Pty Ltd‘s Operations leadership team. I say pleasure because it is invigorating working with passionate individuals who want to challenge themselves and their team, work hard, learn and adapt new skills to drive new levels of performance.
Honestly, it pushes me as a facilitator to stretch myself and bring new and relevant models and ideas to the fore and for the benefit of the team and business.

The Executive Leadership Program

Developing Leaders Executive Leadership Program is a year long leadership program broken up into two phases – Phase 1 incorporating learning and adoption of new leadership models and practices, and Phase 2 focussed on implementation, execution and group accountability.

Executive Leadership Program - Phase 2
Executive Leadership Program – Phase 2

The program includes Developing Leaders Velocity Leadership CheckPoint leadership assessment, half day workshops, experiential (immersion) activities and one-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching to challenge individuals and team to move from good to great performance, as measured by them. Phase 2 of the Program is only activated after completing Phase 1. It is a challenging program both intellectually, emotionally and from an effort perspective – and ‘the juice is worth the squeeze’!
Is the Executive Leadership Program the right investment in performance for your team / business right now? Why not find out? Click on the Calendly link in the comments to discuss if this program is right for you.
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Is The Executive Leadership Program Right For Your Leaders?

Developing Leaders tailors leadership programs, coaching and workshops to the business, business unit or calibre of leaders requiring training. If this program length or expectation isn’t for you, perhaps the Emerging Leaders Program, Team Leaders / Supervisor Program or Diploma of Leadership & Management course might be? Reach out and let us help tailor a program for your leaders today.

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