Experiential Leadership Training makes all the difference for emerging leaders. It is so exciting to work with teams in person again! Thank you to Alecia RathboneJoanne E Mear and Melody Carbarns for the opportunity to work with your amazing team from Summer Foundation Ltd Housing Hub, taking part in the Experiential Leadership Workshop last week!

Knowing Leadership Makes No Difference

It is said that ‘knowledge makes no difference’ – difference is made through the application of knowledge. The Experiential Leadership Workshop is all about application – focussing on team, task and leadership roles in a challenging yet safe environment. For emerging leaders (as well as established leaders) and teams to have the opportunity to see and ‘feel’ what works (and what doesn’t) in a simulated leadership environment, gaining practical knowledge and skills whilst learning with your team and peers, is worth its weight in gold.

IMLD Leadership Training
Experiential Leadership Training Is About Practical Applications to Leadership

The Experiential Leadership Workshop

From towers, to mazes to creative storyboards, the Experiential Leadership Workshop activities can be adapted and modified for difficulty and experience, as well as focus on particular leadership skills or behaviours in need of growth and development. Experiential leadership activities are a cornerstone of IMLD leadership training and set us apart from many other leadership training and executive leadership coaching businesses in both Melbourne and Australia.

Providing leadership skills training helps develop leaders

An important aspect of the experiential leadership training at IMLD is the opportunity to debrief and reflect on activities, and consider what aspects of leadership and team behaviour are useful to translate and take back to the workplace.

The workshop is equivalent to a pilot simulator – it gives leaders the opportunity to try different styles and techniques of leadership in a safe environment and trail / test / review how it works – without the heavy consequences of making mistakes ‘live’ in the real world.
It is quite a bit of fun as well!

Thank you Jessica Simms for the logistical arrangements and CreativeCubes.Co for the amazing venue in Hawthorn.
Thanks again Housing Hub team – you did amazing – a pleasure to work with such am engaging, empathetic and creative team!

Is The Emerging Leaders Program Right For Your Team?

Practical, focussed and confidence building – all words that have been used in testimonials to describe the Institute of Management & Leadership Development’s Emerging Leaders program. If this sounds like something that could be useful for you or for members of your team, get in touch with us today for a confidential chat about your needs.

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