Have a Passion for What You Do

By Shawn Doyle

“I am a firm believer in the theory that people only do their best at things they truly enjoy”

-Jack Nicklaus, Pro Golfer

How is passion defined? Webster’s defines passion as: “Pervading spirit, ruling passion, master passion, fullness of heart, flow of soul.”?Why is it important to feel passion for what you are doing, both professionally and personally? One reason is that, if you are passionate, you are motivated. If you are motivated, then you are passionate! Have you ever met someone who is passionate about his or her work? It probably made a huge impression on you.

Let me tell you about Kevin Brown. The first time I walked into the meeting room, at a hotel in Philadelphia, Kevin Brown was setting up tables for my meeting. He came over with a big smile and said, “ I am Kevin Brown, and I would like to welcome you to our home- I want to make sure you feel at home when you are here, and if you need anything give me a call. I am employee of the year and I will exceed your expectations, because when you care, it shows.” Kevin Brown works at the hotel setting up the tables for meetings and banquets. I have never had a meeting in Philadelphia at any other hotel. Kevin Brown is passionate about his work. My first question when I walk into the hotel is, “Is Kevin on duty tonight?” Kevin Brown’s passion for his work is an incredible value for both his employer and for him.

Think about it. Whenever you experience someone who is energetic and passionate in a store, restaurant, or business, doesn’t it impress you? When you experience the opposite of that, doesn’t it make a negative impression?

Having a passion for what you do has several advantages:

•It keeps you fired up and motivated!

•It makes what you are doing fun.

•You can be an inspiration to others

•You will be more productive

•You will be more successful.

People who are passionate have more energy, enthusiasm, and charisma. It is like a high powered jolt of electricity. A person who is passionate loves what they are doing so much, that they eat, drink and sleep it.

So you are now saying to yourself, “Yeah right, but what if I am not like that? What if I am not filled with that kind of passion? What if I never feel that kind of passion?” You may also be saying, “This guy is crazy, and the passion thing is for the birds.”

If I may, I would like permission to be very blunt with you (picture me close up to your face): you haven’t found what you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about your work and your life, then change it! Stop complaining and do something. Life is too short to keep doing what is passionless and mundane! But you must make that decision.

I recently stepped into an elevator and said “hello, everyone.” Everyone on the elevator looked at me like I was a little crazy and kind of mumbled. Come on! Wake up, world! When you feel passionate, energized, upbeat, optimistic, and proud of what you are doing, you will be motivated, and will get more accomplished than you ever thought possible.

Shawn Doyle is the President of New Light Learning and Development ?(http://www.newlightlearning.com) a company specializing in Leadership Development. He has also authored five books on leadership sales and motivation. His latest book The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Training has just been published by HRD Press. Sldoyle1@aol.com

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