The leadership training and coaching needs of leaders and managers have changed significantly in the last 6 months, with businesses pandemic response driving two very different training needs. On the one hand, businesses that are growing in the pandemic are needing short timeframe, fast-spaced skills training that can be utilised quickly and adapt to changing people and operational requirements. On the other hand, businesses that have slowed during the pandemic are using the time to upskill their team in behaviours that take longer to develop and require more time to reflect, such as leadership and coaching programs, as mentioned in a recent HBR article.

CEO Michael Peiniger said ‘for many businesses, now is the perfect time to upskill and requalify members of your team, including yourself. We are seeing a need for training at the moment for two very different reasons – on the one hand businesses that have increased call or production volume needing skills and behaviour training such as time management, difficult conversations, building effective teams – this training is being put into practise straight away because of need, and participants have questions / issues that they need help with straight away. 

Leadership Training Develops Leaders

On the other hand, we are also seeing leaders, managers and business teams that have been impacted by the pandemic taking time to requalify in important skills such as coaching, leading others, high-performance teams, setting vision and presentation skills, that can sometimes take a bit longer to develop. We have also seen a jump in leaders seeking to their understand leadership strengths and weaknesses through our Leadership CheckPoint, seeking to address gaps in their skills while they have the time.

Peiniger says ‘If there has been one significant benefit to business through the pandemic, it has been the increase in IT skills in staff, particularly using online conferencing tools such as Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meets. 

‘We ran a difficult conversations simulation workshop for a national client last week with staff from 3 States, using 5 break out rooms on Zoom, practising difficult conversations with 5 actors from a further 2 States. 25 people online, in simulations they had tailored for themselves and discussing their learning across their teams really quickly, learning from each other as well as us. Suggesting to a business to complete a training program in that format would have been radical 12 months ago, but it is common place in our business now and business leaders are seeing the benefits.

Our popular individual skills training courses, are now delivered via Zoom as 2-4 hour online sessions tailored for your business.

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