07 Apr 2009

Integrity & Values Profiling

Kameleons – Developing Leaders is now a licensee of this brilliant profiling tool. Integrity is a key component to the leadership courses that are taught at Kameleons – Developing Leaders. The Integrity and Values Profiling System is the result of extensive research into leadership and integrity in Australia.

“There are so many profiling tools to choose from – LSI, MBTI, Belbin etc. I have either used or been profiled with each of them. The Integrity & Values profile was the only one that forced me to act – in some cases it was scarily accurate and it required me to consider behaviour that perhaps I wanted to overlook. Importantly, this is the only profile that has led me to change behaviour and address my areas of weakness. With the other profiles, I was interested – this profile made me take action.” 

Michael Peiniger – Principal, Kameleons – Developing Leaders

The Integrity and Values Profiling System can be used for a variety of purposes. It takes the guess work out of the decision making process, and will often verify your ‘gut’ instinct. It is a tool that provides comprehensive data, thereby giving a solid basis on which to make informed people decisions. It highlights developmental and coaching focus areas for individuals and provides leaders with unique insights enabling them to further support and grow their people. The tool also provides a ‘map’ to create solid succession plans for leaders and their organisations

The Integrity Model

Integrity is one of the most misused and misunderstood words in the English language. The Integrity Model enables people to think clearly about this subject and articulate that thinking. Everyone has Values, Attitudes and Beliefs. Integrity is not about whether or not we are honest or moral. Rather it is whether we can act daily in a way that is a demonstration of our Values and Attitudes and Beliefs. We have Integrity when what people see is the same as who we say we are. Maintaining our integrity is a moment by moment occurrence.

In each moment, each interaction, we make a choice as to whether we honour our Values, Beliefs and Attitudes. This takes courage – and we will fail. The issue is not, that we fail.

The issue is that we do not correct our mistakes fast enough or take responsibility for our mistakes.

In order for us to live up to who we say we are we need to ensure that it is installed into the very fabric of our being and our self image so we can have it visible in our outer world by the actions we take.

Integrity and Values Profiling System

The Integrity and Values Profiling System provides results in six key areas. These are:

  • Personal Integrity and Values
  • Self Management
  • Work or Task Focus
  • Relationship Management
  • Vision
  • Impression Management

The Integrity Profiling System depicts the following key areas:

  • What the individual’s ‘default style’ is under pressure.
  • What their personal level of integrity is.
  • How they manage themselves, their work and their relationships.
  • How forward thinking they are.
  • How honest they are about themselves, and
  • How hard they work to make an impression, whether good or bad.

You will also find out a number of other valuable pieces of information. These include:

  • Role suitability
  • The desire to do a job after the honeymoon period (three to twelve months) is over.
  • Alerts the manager to potential negative attitudes or tendencies that can be verified during a conversation.

The Integrity and Values Profiling System is backed by a manual that provides the interpretation of each trait, interview questions and powerful questions to ask referees. Assesses a person’s likely contribution to another person’s success, thereby making it possible to predict the individual’s degree of team spirit. Provides insights to how this person will lead if they are required to lead and inspire a team.

Using The Integrity Profiling System to assess Team Dynamics

Where the whole team has been assessed it is possible to make statements about the nature of the conversations that are being avoided and the consequent cost to the business. The power of a team Integrity Profile allows the leaders to be honest about their short comings within a supportive framework and to take appropriate actions to correct.

Free Offer! Why not take advantage of our special offer? You can get a special free gift of two Integrity & Values profiles (values at $1150) for your next two final candidates for any one position. Or perhaps there are two members of your team that you would like to help with their personal development.

What to do next? The Integrity & Values Profile can make a significant different to individual and team development within your business. To see how the Integrity & Values profile can work for you, your team or your business, call Michael on (0409) 627 270 or click on the link below.We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have or meet with you in person if you wish.