‘Easy or hard is about you, not the hill’. Thank you for sharing Hazel Harrison – a perfect quote for a Monday morning!

This fits so nicely with content of the Emerging Leaders Program last week – focussed on Responsibility and Intention.

The 3 key behaviours that bring life to leadership are:

?. A – Accountability
?. I – Intention
?. R – Responsibility

Leaders actively choose the intention they want to bring to a day, to a meeting, to a situation. They don’t let others intention – or the prevailing mood of the day – dictate it to them.

One of my favourite intentions when approaching a meeting that i think will be boring is to ‘pan for gold’. If I go into that meeting thinking it will be boring – that is exactly what I get. When I come in with the intention of ‘panning for gold’, I know I might have to sift through a lot of dirt, but I am listening for the little nugget of gold that may come out of the meeting. My intention is positive – and my active listening and attention change more positively as a result.

What is your clear intention today?

Easy or hard is up to you – the hill (and the meeting) will still be the same – but you can be different as a result of the intention you choose.
Don’t wait for your hill to change.
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