When you’re in a leadership role, you hold the opportunity to change the world. You can inspire your team and influence your organisation’s culture. But, how can you be sure that you’re doing it well? A leadership assessment like the Velocity Leadership Checkpoint is an easy way to measure your skills. Keep reading to learn more about leadership assessment tools and how to get the most out of this test. 

How Do You Measure Your Skills As A Leader? A Leadership Assessment
How Do You Measure Your Skills As A Leader? A Leadership Assessment

What Is The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint?

It’s nearly impossible to improve and grow as a leader without an accurate view of your abilities. A leadership assessment is a simple yet highly effective tool to help leaders get to know themselves and their work styles a little bit better. This information is crucial to honing your skills and becoming the best leader you can possibly be.

‘The CheckPoint profiling report that I completed was one of the best leadership profiling tools that I have come across. I was actually surprised at how well it reflected me, and in a number of areas I had low self-awareness of. As a result I have really been able to move forward and address/tweak how I lead with a much better understanding on the impact of my style (negative and positive) on others. 10/10 rating from me and my team across all fronts!’

Gabby Symons, Managing Director, People Equity

At the Institute of Management & Leadership Development, we begin each leadership training program and workshop with an assessment. Our skilled coaches and trainers use the Velocity Leadership Checkpoint (VLC) to gain insight into our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, and focal points so we can provide personalised recommendations. The VLC focuses on five leadership capabilities and measures 25 essential qualities of a good leader. The results of the assessment offer leaders straightforward guidance for growth and improved performance.

What Traits Does It Measure?

The VLC looks at 25 leadership traits divided into five categories. Here are the leadership capabilities, skills, and behaviors that fall into each classification. 

  • Alignment (your drive): Purpose, resilient, committed, goal-oriented, and transparent
  • Achievement (your task execution): Responsible, time management, problem-solving, attention to detail, and planning
  • Awareness (understanding of yourself): Confidence, assertiveness, reflection, self-awareness, and personal fulfillment
  • Altitude (teamwork): Accountability, verbal communication, empathy, active listening, and constructive feedback
  • Adapt (leadership qualities): Empowerment, adaptability, influence, dependability, and interaction
Velocity Leadership CheckPoint - Leadership Assessment Tool for Leaders
The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint Is The Start Point For Executive Leadership Coaching and Training Programs

Get the Most from This Leadership Assessment Tool

The results of this leadership assessment tool will provide you with a clear snapshot of your current leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. The leadership assessment highlights your top three leadership behaviors, so you know what skills to maintain and your three most important areas for improvement. The Checkpoint is not a personality assessment, nor does it tell you if you’re a good or bad leader; it simply provides an accurate image of your current skills and traits. These behaviors can and will change over time as you progress along your leadership path.

Personal Debriefs Are Essential for Leadership Assessments
Personal Debriefs Are Essential for Leadership Assessments

The VLC is most effective in conjunction with leadership training (such as the Emerging Leaders Program or Executive Leadership Program) and with Executive Leadership Coaching. When used as a tool for skills development, it can help you recognize your positive abilities and provide insight into areas that could use improvement. The assessment can also help you determine personal and group goals for a leadership program, as well as measure your progress throughout the program.

‘Wow, this checkpoint is something, it was a super eye opener! a deeper level of insight, knowledge and understanding of how I worked and more importantly a greater appreciation of my areas of genius. Michael really quickly identified my strengths, things I can improve and more importantly which areas I need to stick to, to get the most productivity out of myself and others around me. Honestly one of the most valuable assessments I’ve done so far… I believe everyone should do it – my team sure will ?? Thank you!’

Peter Dempsey, CEO, Ability Tech Australia

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint is a comprehensive evaluation tool for leaders, managers, and employees. It provides an overview of the skills and abilities that are essential for successful leadership in today’s fast-paced business environment. By taking this short assessment and analyzing your results, you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader so you can learn how to improve as a leader. Contact us about our leadership training in Melbourne if you want to develop your skills and progress even further.

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