“Leadership is practised not so much in words as in attitude and in action.”

Harold Geneen

The 3 or 5-day Leadership Foundations Program focusses on developing leadership skills in potential, newly-appointed or aspiring leaders / supervisors with the skills required to meet today’s leadership challenges. The Leadership Foundations Program can be delivered in half-day, full-day or block sessions, with modules included / amended to the ‘foundation’ that has already been built within your staff.

The Leadership Foundations program encompasses fundamental leadership principles based upon the 5 Foundations of the Kameleons Leadership Model.


Kameleons Leadership Model

Foundation 1 – Vision

The Leadership Model

  • Understand the Leadership Model
  • Apply the Leadership model to the workplace

Leadership & Followership

  • Explain the difference between leadership and followership
  • Outline strategies for effective followership

The Role of the Leader

  • Define the roles of the Leader
  • Explain the difference between leadership and management


  • State the purpose of business vision
  • Relate vision to the core leadership foundations

Vision Application

  • Explain the link between business and personal vision
  • Use business vision to develop team goals


Foundation 2 – Manage the Task

Goals & Objectives
  • Determine team goals and objectives
  • Apply goals to develop team plans


  • Determine team goals and objectives
  • Describe the process for developing an effective plan


  • Understand the role of effective communication
  • Phrase and convey your plan to your team


  • State the purpose of control when leading a team
  • Describe strategies for effective control

Checking & Revising

  • Understand the need to prepare for contingencies
  • Check, revise and execute an effective plan

Foundation 3 – Maintain the Team

Group Dynamics
  • List the stages of team development
  • Understand your role as leader within the team


  • Outline the factors that affect motivation
  • Apply motivation techniques to team scenarios


  • Explain the difference between empowerment and delegation
  • Apply empowerment techniques to team scenarios

Dealing with Difficult Team Members

  • Discuss the impact of difficult team members on team performance
  • Apply techniques to deal with difficult team members

Foundation 4 – Support the Individual

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Discuss areas of personal performance
  • Outline plans to improve on areas of deficiency

Emotional Intelligence

  • Explain emotional intelligence
  • Apply E.I principles when supporting individual team members


  • Explain the 6 steps to effective coaching
  • Apply coaching techniques for individual and team scenarios

Counselling and Support

  • Discuss the counselling and support mechanisms available for leaders in the organisation
  • Utilise counselling skills in one-on-one scenarios

Foundation 5 – Leadership Style

Leadership Presence
  • Discuss the impact on speech, language and physiology on leadership presence
  • Discuss strategies to enhance leadership attributes

Adapting Leadership Style

  • Discuss the need to adapt leadership style for different situations
  • Apply different leadership styles to team based scenarios

Dealing with Change

  • Identify the forces affecting change and explain the cycle of change
  • Identify and overcome barriers to change

Adapting to Environment & Culture

  • Explain the impact of your style on various environment and cultures
  • Adapt your leadership style in various scenarios to have the greatest impact on task, team and individual

Measurement & Evaluation

The measurement of training outcomes is crucial in ensuring that your training meets your expectations. Kameleons will measure expectations before and after the training program to ensure that you have achieved a return on investment.   Kameleons can achieve this high standard of training evaluation in one of two ways:

1. Standard Training Evaluation. In the standard evaluation, measurement of expectations is taken before the course and at completion, with result being provided to management within 24 hours of the training course being completed. Feedback is immediate, and course outcomes and satisfaction are reported on in a timely fashion.

2. Integrity & Values Profiling. Kameleons – Developing Leaders is a licensee of the Integrity & Values profiling system, the first of its kind in the world. This fully-tested, fully-benchmarked profiling tool, used before and after training and work experience, provides detailed and comparative data regarding participant behaviours. Due to the depth and detail of the Integrity & Values profile, it is recommended that this evaluation tool be used as part of an individual personal development plan for each participant.

Designed for: Aspiring, entry or middle managers/ leaders

Duration: 2 day or 3 day program

Booking: To book yourself or your staff onto the fantastic Leadership Foundations program, call our helpful staff on 0409 627 270 or click on the link below. Book three or more participants from your workplace on the Leadership Foundations program and we will include two one-hour follow up coaching sessions free, conducted in-house, to help participants integrate new learning into the workplace and ensure further retention of workshop.