leadership performance profiling

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint

​​​We follow the simple principle of 'what isn't measures, isn't done' - or more specifically, leadership training and workshops that aren't measured and evaluated from start to finish haven't been done efficiently or effectively!

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint (VLC) measures current strengths and areas for development for leaders, supervisors, managers and small business owners, providing them with a basis on which to make leadership development decisions for themselves, their team and their business.

Many businesses make expensive training decisions and undertake courses and workshops without a full understanding of the behaviours they are seeking to change. The VLC allows businesses to measure skills and behaviours before a training event takes place, as well as measure the effectiveness of development initiatives once they are completed. 

Maintain your Strengths and Develop Your Weaknesses

The VLC considers 25 behavioural leadership traits, focussed in 5 distinct leadership capabilities, 

  • Achievement - how you take action and achieve results,
  • Alignment - your purpose and how 'on track' you are to achieve it,
  • Aware - how you support and understand individual behaviours (your and your team members),
  • Altitude - understanding the lift and drag your team provides, and
  • Adapt - the ability to adjust your leadership based on the environment you are in

The VLC results provide leaders with clear guidance regarding their current leadership performance and provide a platform for growth and leadership development.

Begin with the end in Mind

The VLC can provide insight about own leadership skills and behaviours, the leadership skills of your people, and how to effectively manage and develop them.

If you lead a business (big or small) or lead a team, you will gain benefit from completing the VLC. As the behavioural leadership traits focus specifically on leadership and high-performance team development, the VLC is recommended for existing leaders, managers and supervisors that are seeking to further enhance their leadership ability in their role.

What makes the Checkpoint unique?

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint is unique because:

  • It is used at the start of Kameleons leadership programs, workshops and executive coaching programs to assess current levels of leadership behaviour.
  • It is used at the end of programs, workshops and programs to check improvement and changes in behaviour (it is also used midway through a leadership program to check progress).
  • The VLC can be completely again after a minimum 4-month period to assess improvement.
  • Staying true to our philosophy of adapting to culture and environment, the 25 leadership traits may change and be altered over time. Components behaviours of Align, Achieve, Aware, Altitude and Adapt can be amended to reflect what we believe to be the most useful leadership behaviours for leaders at the time.
  • It provides comparisons between related scores that help you develop new behaviours
  • It highlights your top 3 leadership behaviours to maintain and strengthen, as well as your weakest 3 leadership behaviours to develop.

It is NOT:

  • A personality test, nor is it indicative of how your leadership skills and behaviours have been in the past, or how they will be in the future.
  • A judgement on you as a person or leader.
  • A validated or ’normed’ profile. Your scores are not adjusted to fit a bell curve or adjusted for a mean score.

Velocity Leadership Checkpoint

Reach New Heights

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint provide leaders with clear a clear understanding of their current leadership behaviour, and when used for the whole team, an understanding of the teams strengths and areas for development. A tailored debrief is provided following checklist completion to discuss actionable items that will have an impact on your ability to align your team, raise the altitude, achieve more, have greater awareness of your and your team's abilities and the ability to adapt to your internal and external environment.

Want to take your leadership skill to the next level?


What direction are you heading in your life and your business? Are you drifting off track or on course to your chosen outcome? Your purpose and values provide you with grit, determination and focus to attain results. Like the engine in a car or the powerplant of an aircraft, it provides the drive and resilience to reach your goals.

  • Purpose
  • Commitment
  • Resilience
  • Goal Oriented
  • Transparent

 ACHIEVE - Task Execution

How well do you manage the task at hand? Like executing a good flight plan, your organisation, focus on task and level of responsibility determine your ability to get where you want to go, in the time you want to get there. Your attention to detail and the ability to solve the problems at hand ensure you maintain your set path and achieve outcomes.

  • Responsibility
  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solving

AWARE - Individual Understanding

No aircraft can fly high without the support of a good ground crew. Similarly, no team can fly high without all individuals in the team being engaged; aware of their own behaviours, assertive in their interactions and happy in what they are doing. These factors, along with a firm self belief and clarity in your surroundings provide each member of the team the support they need.

  • Reflection
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Personal Fulfilment


Like the wings on an aircraft, your team can provide you with the lift in your business to fly higher and achieve more. An ineffective team can drag your performance and be highly inefficient. Your ability to understand, verbally communicate and actively listen to your team, hold them to account and provide constructive feedback all have an impact on how high your team will fly.

  • Accountability
  • Active Listening
  • Verbal Communication
  • Empathy
  • Constructive Feedback


When a propellor-driven aircraft is in flight, you only see the outline of the propellor, not the individual blades in motion. Leadership qualities are similar, they only become relevant when Align, Achieve, Aware and Altitude behaviours are all in motion.

Your leadership qualities are dependent on your team and internal and external environments - meaning they need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. Your ability to adapt determines your velocity (the speed and direction of you and your team) and your reliability (how often you meet your objectives on time). Your reliability is your personal guarantee of 'on task, on purpose, on time'.

  • Empowerment
  • Interaction
  • Adaptability
  • Influence
  • Dependability


It takes something to ensure that both you and your team fly at Altitude. There is always room to fly higher. A small increase in Altitude can have a lasting impact on your team members and on the performance of your team. What is your Altitude?

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint provides a comprehensive look at your Leadership Altitude (as well as the other leadership categories of Align, Aware, Achieve and Adapt). For a quick look at your Altitude, click on the link below to take the Altitude Quiz.