Leadership Programs

Are you looking to develop your leadership capabilities? Developing Leaders can help. Developing Leaders four leadership programs are designed to take the next step in your leadership journey. The Executive Leadership Program, Supervisor and Team Leadership Program and Emerging Leaders Program are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful leader. 

Each program provides you with unique skills and insights to help you become an effective leader in your field. Whether you’re looking to build your confidence as a new manager or sharpen your existing skills as an experienced executive, we have the right program for you.

Executive Leadership Program

The Executive Leadership program is a 3 day intensive course designed to help established leaders and managers excel in their roles. Our program is tailored to you, focusing on developing your unique leadership skills and behaviours needed for success. 

Through this program, you will learn how to effectively manage your team, create an environment of collaboration and trust, fostering a culture of excellence. You will gain insight into being more influential in decision-making processes and understanding how to use data-driven strategies to drive performance. 

Our experienced coaches have worked with leaders from various industries and backgrounds, providing them with actionable strategies that have been proven to work in real-world scenarios. We also offer one-on-one coaching sessions where we can further tailor the program’s content to fit your needs. 

At the end of the program, you will have developed the necessary skillsets needed for effective leadership, as well as a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader. This knowledge will allow you to confidently lead your team and organisation in the right direction.

Supervisor and
Team Leadership Program 

The Supervisor/Team Leadership Program is a comprehensive 4-day program designed to help established supervisors and team leaders excel in their roles. Our experienced facilitators will provide the tools, strategies, and techniques needed for you to become an effective leader. Through hands-on activities and interactive discussions, you will learn how to develop strong teams that can consistently deliver top results.

During this program, you will gain valuable insights into how to effectively lead your team by understanding the importance of communication, delegation, motivation, problem solving, and decision making. You will also learn how to manage conflicts between team members and handle difficult conversations with staff. 

At the end of the program, you will have the skills necessary to create high performing teams that are capable of delivering sustained results. You will be able to confidently make decisions that benefit both your team and organisation as a whole.

Emerging Leaders Program 

The Emerging Leaders Program from Developing Leaders, is the perfect program for new and emerging leaders. Over 4 days, this program will help you build core leadership behaviours and practical skills to set you apart from the rest. 

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or small business owner, the Emerging Leaders Program will give you the tools and confidence to lead with purpose. You’ll learn how to build positive relationships with colleagues, create an effective team culture, make decisions with clarity and purpose, manage conflict, and much more. 

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to develop core leadership skills across three of these five core competencies. These competencies are: Purpose and Values, Task Management, Managing Self, Team Altitude and Adaptability. 

Leadership Programs