When it comes to leading yourself effectively, it is all about quality over quantity.Have you had a realisation like this in the last couple of weeks? This was a timely reminder in a post from Peter Horrocks. There have been so many changes to routines and patterns – and while plenty have impacts and hardships on many – some changes to the routine have been for the better.
For me, the lower graphic could have broken hard work into even smaller segments -many of which I have been reminded of or relearned in the last couple of weeks as.
Productive hard work includes (and can include combinations of):
1️⃣ Focussed time away from social media
2️⃣ Time to plan and work out priorities
3️⃣ Opportunity to think deeper on one topic at a time
4️⃣ Discussion with peers to problem solve and look at an issue from all sides
5️⃣ Time to reflect on that works and what doesn’t 
6️⃣ ‘Head down, bum up’ completion of tasks while avoiding procratination
7️⃣ Time to actually celebrate and be happy with what was completed
What a difference these things have made to not only completing larger tasks (that honestly were being avoided), but being satisfied in the results. What changes to your routine have been for the better int he last couple of weeks – that you will keep moving forward?
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