16 Feb 2021

New Program! Diploma of Leadership & Management

I’m genuinely excited to be part of this program! Workshop 2 of the In-House program kicks off this Friday focussing on Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence – focussing on self-awareness and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individual leadership.
We make things a little more practical and a little more personal than your regular Diploma – because that is how you develop leaders. Last week and this week I have been working one-on-one with the participants, debriefing their Velocity Leadership CheckPoint results and setting their ‘baseline’ leadership behaviours.
This Diploma is about developing skills and behaviours as well as providing an accreditation – so providing in depth analysis and feedback on leadership strengths, advice, processes and practical tips for overcoming areas of weakness is part of the learning process.
‘Great leaders are humble learners’ – and we are blessed at Institute of Management & Leadership Development to work with some great learning leaders.
If you want to be part of the next public program of learning leaders working through the Diploma, reach out and DM, call or contact through developingleaders.com.au.
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