We do love a model at IMLD – and this is one of our favourites! The AIR / BLEEDS model – focussing on your personal responsibility and your ability to hold others to account – accountability. This is often an area of weakness for leaders (particularly new leaders), needing to maintain the standards for others as well as themselves.

The AIR / BLEEDS model provides an insight into where you may struggle to hold yourself or others to account when under pressure or stress – and what it looks like – a measure of your personal efficiency.
When under stress, pressure or just ‘under the pump’, are you responsible, accountable and delivering clear intentions, or do you:

? Blame others?
? Lenient on actions where you should be firmer?
? Excuses for your behaviour or that of others?
? Exonerate behaviour (pretend it didn’t happen when you know it did)?
? Defend your actions or behaviour when you know it should change?
?Shame yourself for your actions you know should be better?

In truth, as humans we do all of these behaviours at different times and circumstances. But in our experience, you will normally have a ‘go to’ behaviour when under stress.

Knowing what this is and what it looks like – and what you can do to get out of it – is essential for good leadership. Great leaders share some of these behaviours and what it looks like with their teams, so they can assist in identifying and assisting in changing the behaviour – which takes trust.

A powerful little model with many nuances and reflections for the lead to consider! If you would like to know more about the AIR / BLEEDS model or own personal leadership, responsibility or accountability, please reach out.
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