A well designed leadership training activity can be fun and challenging as well as meeting clear learning outcomes. In a recent unit of the Diploma of Leadership & Management (Manage Operational Plan), what looks like play is the culmination of an activity that required planning, communication, resource allocation, budgeting, trial, design, leadership, teamwork, assessment and review.

It was so much fun to work with the Geelong lyondellbasell crew last Friday in the Diploma of Leadership & Management module! When I was in the RAAF, and in particular at Officers’ Training School, I had the opportunity to see first hand how powerful experiential training could be in developing leadership and team skills for leaders and managers.

Practical Leadership Training Puts Theory In Practise

Practical Leadership Training Is Crucial for Leadership Development

The opportunity to observe, evaluate, debrief and learn in a practical way is easily transferred into real life settings. Leadership, team work, planning, communication, negotiation, resilience, patience, difficult conversations – all can be developed in a fun and challenging way with a well designed experiential learning activity. That said

‘An activity is only as good as the learning it provides for the participants’

With these types of experiential activities, the building and assembly of a waterslide is a vehicle for important debriefs on planning, teamwork and leadership.

Interestingly, the behaviours exhibited by leaders and teams in small activities like this often mirror the exact behaviours in the workplace, providing a great opportunity to evaluate norms and behaviours in real time and seek impacts and consequences in a safe environment.

Experiential activities are one of the many ways in which we challenge, coach, train, assessment and work with leaders and managers to develop their leadership and high-performance team skills.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to work with some amazing leaders, managers and small business owners that seek to develop and challenge their leadership skills and those of their teams.

The Diploma of Leadership & Management

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