Anita Roddick - communicating vision with passion

02 Mar 2020

Purpose, Passion, Vision & Communication – Keys to Drive Your Leadership

This day started with my head down and feeling a little defeated with all that needed to be done this week; realising it is all part of a larger plan than I am truly committed to helps drag you back up and tackle the elephant ‘one bite at a time’. A post from Anita Roddick to help drive the week! Vision, communication and passion – for me this is best described as purpose – the clear picture of what you want to achieve intertwined with the desire to achieve it. I hope you are ‘feeling it’ this week and your passion is driving you! If you aren’t, send me a DM – a quick call or chat can get you out of your funk and back on track (no sale pitch – its just good to have someone who can listen and set you back on track when you have drifted at the start of the week) #leadership #developingleaders #personalvalues #coach #leader

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