07 Nov 2015

The 7 Reasons to Engage a Leadership Coach

Here are the 7 reasons we discussed and our clients shared with us:

iStock 000016200117Small1.      Listen – A Leadership Coach is a Listener First and Foremost.

We know that it can be lonely at the top – you can feel unable to share your thoughts, doubts or stresses without feeling judged. A leadership coach can provide confidential counsel for leaders to open up and discuss the areas you struggle with; the doubts, the fears, the negative thoughts. We work with you to navigate a path out of doubt to self-assurance, and provide tried and tested practical tools to assist when the going gets hard. Of course we offer much more, but it starts with listening and understanding.

Keiran Toohey said ‘the learning actually does impact you, your team and how you communicate. The workplace is not always rivers of chocolate and rainbows and Michael helps demystify this courageously and practically’

2.      Altitude – A Leadership Coach Will Identify What is Lifting You Up and Dragging You Down

To consistently get the best out of others and produces improved results, high-performing leaders work with those that can get the best out of them, provide alternatives and hold them to their targets. When you are the boss of your own Department or your own business, it can be easy to let some important things slide, because no one is watching or holding you to account. We often work with leaders that are performing at 6 or 7 out of 10 (which is good!), but they want to perform at a 9 out of 10 or higher. Having someone question, ask, discuss and hold to account on your performance can take you to the next level.

Every leader -whether they are a small business owner, CEO, supervisor or manager can benefit greatly from having a Kameleons  Executive Leadership Coach.  To consistently get the best out of others and produce improved results, high-performing leaders work with those that can get the best out of them, provide alternatives and hold them to their targets. 

3.      Aware – A Leadership Coach Will Work With You to Understand Yourself and the Individuals in Your Team

A vibrant and positive work culture don’t happen by accident – they are developed day by day through consistent behaviour and leadership practice over time. Low leader engagement leads to dissatisfaction, low retention, productivity and poor performance. As a leader or business owner, part of your role is to ensure that your people attain and maintain both altitude (high performance) and attitude (positive culture), so that they and the business can perform at the optimal level. A happy, healthy and engaged team produces consistently high results, even through adversity. This is achieved more readily and more often when the leader is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and understands and adapts to the strengths and weaknesses of their team members.

A good leadership coach helps you identify the team development skills you are good at, as well as identify the areas you need to work on. We firmly believe that good leadership is about utilising your strengths to full capacity; but sometimes it is about learning and honing an essential leadership skill that you might not like or not be naturally good at.

Francesca MacPherson of CIC Higher Education said ‘Leadership coaching has helped me more than I thought it would, I wasn’t sure what to expect but his coaching brought out the leader who was always in me, but perhaps was a little afraid. Michael has taught me to be assertive, organised and efficient, he also guided me to be more open with my team which sometimes means being vulnerable which is a strength I never recognised.’

4.      Align – A Leadership Coach Will Guide You Back on Track When You Have Drifted

Great leaders understand their purpose and can visualise and articulate a vision of the future that can inspire others – their friends, their peers, and those that work for them – to work together in producing results that bring that vision to life. 

While that sounds great in theory and works well in practise, getting to the point of clearly understanding your values and the purpose of your business can take some effort (it did for us!).  A leadership coach can work with you to develop your purpose and achieve clarity of your vision, and the core values that assist you in achieving it. They also help your team understand these values, by focussing on the behaviours that fit / don’t fit your values in day to day operations, customer service, marketing, recruitment etc. When your values and purpose are alive in your business, it provides clarity for your staff and customers alike.

Steve Papa of Kremedia said that coaching ‘helped focus on his weaknesses and is constantly improving them to ensure that my work ethics and integrity aligns with my vision’.

iStock 000016450355Small

5.      Achieve – A Leadership Coach will encourage you in the right direction, push you when you need it, and cheer you through success 

Everyone has moments when they doubt their purpose, their ability, their drive and their results. A leadership coach is your unreasonable ‘wingman’ – someone who encourages you to keep the course, cheers you on when you need it, and provides a helping hand or push when you are just about to give up. Importantly, an Executive Leadership Coach can provide options, ideas and examples of how you can achieve more, be more efficient and be more effective. They can work with you to explore alternatives and options you hadn’t thought of, or didn’t feel you had the confidence or expertise to implement.  They will support you in finding the right direction and work along side you to stay the course.

6.      Adapt – A Leadership Coach will assist you to pivot in new environments

Leadership is a growth activity; you are always learning and always adapting your skills to new teams, new staff members, and new situations, challenges and environments. A Leadership Coach helps you identify the ‘portable’ skills and strengths you possess, and work with you to adapt your skill set to new and challenging environments.

iStock jigsaw leader resized7.    A Leadership Coach will cheer you on following the little wins and challenge you to do more.

Leading a business to achieve a goal takes thousands of little tasks and interactions with your team, customers and providers. Many businesses fail not because of a lack of good product or staff, they fail because the people at the top get tired, forget why they are doing what they are doing, or lose hope when it gets hard. It can be easy to forget what you have done, how far you have come and what impact you have made. A leadership coach celebrates the little wins with you (that you may miss as you focus on the next task), and encourages you to stay on the path for achieving your goals.


Would a leadership coach make a difference for your leadership or business? Call us or email at leader@kameleons.com.au






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