True leadership makes everybody feel like a somebody. Leaders play such an important role in business and society – not only in the financial wellbeing of their business, but in the social and psychological well being of their team / people.

I get to see both sides of this coin as an Executive Coach and CEO at Institute of Management & Leadership Development. On the one hand, I get to work with and observe some great small business leaders – seeking to strive for themselves and their business, putting their blood, sweat, tears and heart into growing something bigger than themselves, for more than themselves. Being someone who ‘makes everybody feel like a somebody’

On the other side, there are the businesses led by those that IMLD chooses not to work with – leaders focussed on themselves and their status, seeking to raise themselves up while pulling others down; in short, ‘seeking to be somebody by making others feel like a nobody’.

I had a recent experience with this type of leader in the last couple of days. Someone who would only listen to their own opinion, ignore the pleas from their team to change course, blaming and pushing back when it didn’t go as planned. At the time, I felt demeaned and embarrassed – and I didn’t work there! I pity those that do, as this leader is highly unwilling to change their behaviour.

Thankfully there are much more of the former than the latter. Recent world events – on the other side of the world and closer to home, have highlighted those leaders that will sacrifice themselves for their people and their team, and those that will sacrifice their people for themselves.
Leaders and leadership is important. It is a privilege and a responsibility to lead others.
Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Looking to Develop Your True Leadership?

The Insititute of Management & Leadership Development focusses on developing leaders that positively impact their teams for consistently strong results. You can develop your true leadership by enrolling in the Emerging Leaders Program.

12 workshops completed over 6 months focussed on core areas as well as internal business needs. Focus topics include:

  • a comprehensive leadership assessment including personal strengths and development areas
  • leadership and management skills
  • practical skills for leading teams more effectively
  • clear understanding of your expectations and personal values
  • time and task management
  • prioritisation and procrastination
  • how to prepare, complete and deliver a difficult conversation to any team member.

If this sounds like the program for you or your team, reach out to us via the contact page today.

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