Are you managing a small team or business, and wish you could just get more out of your performance? Are you:

getting frustrated by the large amount of work you are doing?
disappointed in the results your team is achieving?
missing deadlines and have team members not taking initiative?
not fully trusting each other and unable to have the discussions that need to happen?

If your team isn't achieving the performance that you want, a Velocity Workshop is one simple, easy thing you can do to have an immediate impact on performance.

velocity Leadership workshops


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The Velocity Leadership Workshops are designed for established leadership teams to focus on becoming a high-performing team demonstrating optimal team performance. The Velocity Leadership workshops are focussed on developing leaders that build and lead high-performing teams that deliver improved business outcomes. Velocity is about more than building speed in your business - it is about building speed with direction that is built to last. There is no point accelerating your business for speed without building the necessary people processes for moving at that speed.

The Velocity Leadership Workshops are targeted to meet the specific needs of your team - meaning no two workshops are the same. Workshops can be designed to help meet the needs of a Team Leader or CEO's KPI's, or to improve the individual Velocity Leadership CheckPoint results of team members.

#The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint is Kameleons - Developing Leaders unique psychometric tool for measuring leadership behaviours. Find out more HERE.

Velocity Leadership Workshops can focus on one or several of the 5 Leadership Capabilities of the Kameleons - Developing Leaders Leadership Model.

  • ALIGNment
  •  ACHIEVEment 
  • Altitude

Focussed on your purpose and values.

The power plant for any leader is their core values (both individual and business). Purpose and values underpin behaviour and provide the drive, grit, resilience and vision for the leader. 

When the Velocity Leadership Workshop is focussed on the Align Capability - the leaders and team members core values are explored and understood. The behaviours that drive these values are explained, as well as the interrelationship between each others values and the values of the business. When a team understands their leaders values (and importantly, what drives them), they are more able to anticipate the leaders expectations in their absence, and are more able to make decisions without micromanagement. Is the team aware of the leaders preferences, likes and dislikes?

What would you rate your leadership or your business out of 10? 6? 7? If you rated it any less than an 8 or 9 out of 10, then the Velocity series of Workshops is for you and your team.

The Velocity Program focusses on determining what behaviour and processes LIFT your business for higher performance, as well as determining what behaviours and processes DRAG your business down.

Focussing on both areas, and having the necessary discussions between team members to address them, significantly impacts your performance.

The Velocity series of Workshops looks at the following areas of key leadership and high-performance behaviour:

what would you rate your team out of 10?

ARE YOU A 4, 6 OR A 9.5 TEAM?

It is a simple question, and reveals a whole lot about your leadership, your team and your business :

Out of 10, how would you rate your business?
Out of 10, what would you rate the performance of your imeediate team?
Out of 10, what would you rate your personal leadership capability?

You will probably find there isn't a great deal of difference in the answers tot the 3 questions. Now what are you going to do about it?



Nicola Crocco Director

/ People Equity

'I attended Michael's High Performance Team Workshop with the team here at People Equity and found the experience to be profound. Michael created an environment where it was safe to explore the role of each individual in the team, the perceptions that we have of each other and how we can better understand each other in order to move forward. He facilitated a robust discussion around how we thought we were performing as a team and where we would like to be performing. Most importantly, he cracked open the door on having candid and honest discussions with each other with the aim of creating 'team lift'. We are on the journey of walking through that door now, with strong on-going support in the background. For anyone considering a team performance enhancing workshop - this is the real deal.


Chris Anderson Site Security Manager Note Printing Australia

'Michael has provided team building and personal development training on two occasions for our organisation. The content and presentation of the training was targeted at the appropriate level for the group and Michael was therefore able to engage their participation. The training certainly made everyone more aware of their areas for improvement and I believe provided a positive team building outcome through a better understanding. I believe this training was a worthwhile commitment.


Adrian Carter General Manager

/ European Catering

'We have recently been fortunate enough to complete a workshop and coaching with Michael. We held a half day course in-house with our senior management team. We were focusing on leadership, team work and communication after completing the Checkpoint questionnaire and debrief. The Workshop was invaluable and we are already starting to utilize his skills and advice in our everyday working routine. We can't thank you enough.


Gabby Symons Managing Director People Equity

'If you are looking to maximise the performance of your team/s (even some of your best one/s) I cannot recommend Michael highly enough to build on what you already have. Michael facilitated a ‘half-day’ session with my team and we walked away having discovered many new/different/enhanced ways of working. It also created a reference point as we shared a lot of honest truths about some of our ‘likes and dislikes’ which although confronting for many of us at the time, were great to get them out in the open to set us up for further team success! 10/10 rating from me and my team across all fronts!



We are committed to developing leaders and high-performing teams - which means ensuring that each participant and programs match, both in style, experience and outcomes. Chat with our highly experienced coaches and facilitators to discuss which program, workshop or coaching initiative is right for you and your business.