Have you had difficulty in setting some clear goals for yourself as a leader in 2021? In recent weeks I have been working with leaders and small business owners in setting some clear, actionable, visual and manageable business and personal goals for 2021. Incredibly rewarding to be a part of – seeing someone set goals relating to important parts of their lives, then getting small wins as they start to achieve them.
My problem? I was struggling with writing my own. Last year had been a successful goal attainment year – this year didn’t feel like it was matching up. Nothing felt clear enough, purposeful enough. It required a change in direction, and certainly a change in thinking. If you are stuck setting yourself some clear intentions for 2021, and are interested in what I did to (finally) set some clear and realistic goals, head to https://lnkd.in/g2EwZAe where I break it down.
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