Why do leaders, managers and business owners – many of whom lead strong successful businesses already – choose to work with an Executive Coach or Executive Leadership Coach? We asked several of our current and former Executive Coaching Melbourne clients what they wanted to work on and develop through the executive coaching process.

Why Work With An Executive Leadership Coach?

Their responses were wide ranging – with 11 key reasons listed below:

  • Looking to develop my team,
  • Lack of confidence (in leading or in my leadership skills),
  • Furthering my skills (as a manager and as a leader),
  • Be a more effective communicator,
  • Drive accountability in a positive and constructive way,
  • Be a more effective leader,
  • Better ways to juggle work and family,
  • Manage my procrastination and time management,
  • Seeking to be more assertive when the situation requires it,
  • Build trust so I can delegate to my team without worry, and
  • Establish my core values and my ground rules.

We have found through the last 10 years of executive leadership coaching that people seeking coaching are almost always smart, capable, working hard and seeking to do the best for themselves and their team in an already successful business. They aren’t looking for a quick fix – but they are looking for practical solutions to problems that haven’t encountered before or experienced.

Executive Leadership Coaching Melbourne
Executive Leadership Coaching Melbourne

Executive coaching clients aren’t under performance management, they aren’t in trouble financially and they aren’t struggling to relate to people.

Most often, the pace of the business or business environment has sped up significantly, and they are looking for ways to ensure that their skills and abilities can meet those challenges.

These people have me fronting up to work on a Monday morning wanting to a better job that I did the week before.
Does this sound like the type of person you like and want to work with. I know I do!

Here is to those that seek to challenge themselves and push beyond their comfort zones. – for themselves, their team and for their businesses.

Looking To Take The First Step To Executive Leadership Coaching?

Looking to take your first step into leadership coaching? Do you know the impact you have on your leader and / or team? Completing a leadership assessment tool to assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses is the first step that Bryony took in her executive leadership coaching journey.

If you are unsure of your impact on your leader / team, perhaps you should complete the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint? 25 behavioural leadership traits, focussed in 5 distinct leadership capabilities – a ‘must know’ for any leader or team looking to drive high performance. If you haven’t completed the CheckPoint, get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment. Read through the comments and feedback from those that have – many say that it has had a profound effect on how they lead and perform within a team.

Velocity Leadership CheckPoint - Leadership Assessment Tool for Leaders
The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint Is The Start Point For Executive Leadership Coaching

The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint and Debrief is the starting point for any of the IMLD Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching or Emerging Leaders Programs.