The Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program from Developing Leaders, is the perfect program for new and emerging leaders. Over 3 days, this program will help you build core leadership behaviours and practical skills to set you apart from the rest. 

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or small business owner, the Emerging Leaders Program will give you the tools and confidence to lead with purpose. You’ll learn how to build positive relationships with colleagues, create an effective team culture, make decisions with clarity and purpose, manage conflict, and much more. 

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to develop core leadership skills across three of these five core competencies. These competencies are: Purpose and Values, Task Management, Managing Self, Team Altitude and Adaptability. 

  • Purpose and Values provide the power plant for any leader. They underpin behaviour and provide the drive, grit, resilience and vision for the leader. Alignment Leadership traits focus on a leader’s purpose and values.
  • Task Management is essential for staying on track. Responsible, organised, task-focussed and reliable leaders achieve results for themselves and their team. Achievement Leadership traits focus on a leader’s task management abilities.
  • Managing Self is essential before leading others. Solid self-awareness coupled with self-belief, assertiveness and clarity provide the foundation to lead others. Awareness Leadership traits focus on managing oneself effectively.
  • Team Altitude is determined by team attitude. The ability to communicate effectively, provide timely feedback, actively listen and maintain accountability ensure the team reaches its optimal performance. Altitude Leadership traits focus on team behaviours that can ‘lift’ or ‘drag’ performance. 
  • Adaptability is key to business success as highly effective leaders know how to adapt their own leadership qualities to their team, their management style, purpose and business environment. Adaptability Leadership traits focus on a leader’s ability to anticipate changes in situations and adjust accordingly

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Emerging Leaders Program

The easiest way to get started or to advance on your leadership coaching journey is to either:

  1. Book a FREE 15 Minute Q&A Session if you would like to know more about our Emerging Leaders Program and process or
  2. Book a 30 Minute Introductory Session if you would like to discuss the leadership and management content included in the Emerging Leaders Program, practical applications that generate efficiency and effectiveness or tailoring to your current leadership needs.

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In your session we’ll answer any questions you have, explain the program content, timing and/or budget, and demonstrate why you would be making the right choice in attending a Developing Leaders Emerging Leaders Program.

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Developing Leaders can deliver your
Emerging Leaders Program in the following ways:


We tailor an Emerging Leaders program to your specific business needs and deliver onsite, face to face with your team.

Public Program

Our Emerging Leaders Program is run in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane face to face in our offices – see dates below.

Online Program

Delivered via Zoom and MS Teams, the Emerging Leaders Program can be run online for interstate teams in shorter ‘bursts’ every fortnight to fit business requirements.

Hybrid Delivery

The best of both worlds! A blend of face to face and virtual sessions to cater to business expectations, time requirements and delivery needs.

What Will You Learn In The Program?

Leadership Foundations

Principles of leadership, vision setting, goal alignment and decision making

Self Awareness and EI

Deeper understanding of strengths and development areas through use of the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint and debrief

Communication and Influence

Practical strategies for communicating with clarity, empathy and authenticity

Task, Time and Meeting Management

Focus on habits and behaviours that manage personal and team time for efficiency and effectiveness.

Conflict Resolution & Difficult Conversations

How to prepare for and stay in robust conversations longer and developing structures and practise for difficult / important conversations.

Team Development

How to build high-performing teams, leverage diverse perspectives, foster a culture of trust and avoid the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Change Management & Adaptability

How to lead change initiatives, managing resistance and developing resilience and agility through practical applications.

Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving

Explain your purpose, personal values and link to business vision and strategy. Scenario analysis and experiential activity developing problem-solving skills.

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Emerging Leaders Program