The Leading Difficult Conversations Workshop

Our Leading Difficult Conversations 1-day workshop helps participants understand how to lead and manage difficult conversations in a professional manner while maintaining respect for everyone involved.

Today, more than ever, you as a team member, leader, manager or small business owner are likely struggling to have honest, open and CRUCIAL conversations with your team members. If you don’t address a difficult issue it can create tension and conflict, build an environment of mistrust and destroy the efficiency and effectiveness of the team. No matter what industry or profession you’re in, leading the right conversations that make a difference is essential for success – but to do this effectively you need to know what to say, when to say it and how.

Do you struggle with difficult conversations?

Are you struggling to have honest, open and crucial conversations regarding performance that isn’t meeting expectations? This is affecting your workplace relationships and business culture. Let us help! Our workshop will guide you through the process of having these difficult conversations in order to improve your team’s performance and create a healthier work environment.

  • Boost your crucial conversation confidence
  • Learn the steps to preparing for a difficult conversation
  • Understand your personal communication style and how to adapt to others
  • Learn your emotional triggers and what escalates / de-escalates a conversation
  • Practice skills in dealing with personal issues and uncomfortable conversations
  • Design a difficult conversation framework to become comfortable with your specific difficult conversations
  • Tips and tricks from the experts to accelerate efficiency and effectiveness for yourself, your team and your business

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16-17 April 2024

Become the Leader that Others Choose to Follow

Leading Difficult Conversations Workshop

The easiest way to get started or to advance on your leading difficult conversations journey is to either:

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  2. Book a 30 Minute Introductory Session if you would like to discuss the content included in the Leading Difficult Conversations workshop, practical applications that generate efficiency and effectiveness or tailoring to your current leadership needs.

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In your session we’ll answer any questions you have, explain the program content, timing and/or budget, and demonstrate why you would be making the right choice in attending a Developing Leaders Leading Difficult Conversations workshop.

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Do You Struggle With
Leading Difficult Conversations In Your Workplace?

What Will You Learn In The Workshop?

Prevent Conversation Procrastination

Stop avoiding difficult conversations, and deliver with confidence and poise

Confidence Verbal Communication

Better articulate your message and make it heard and understood through tried and tested communication techniques

Understand Conversation ‘Bombs’

Learn the trigger words that escalate emotionally charged conversations as well as those that create consensus and understanding

Conversation Preparation

Prepare and plan for a difficult conversation using the IDRIFT model

Emotional Regulation

Know and regulate your own ‘hot buttons’ so you can keep your cool in difficult situations

Active Listening

Apply active listen skills or both sides of the conversation, not just your own

Response Management

Respond rationally and effectively whilst managing your emotions


Learn the techniques for defusing emotionally-charged conversations

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts and restore trust with customers and team members

Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Build skills in dealing with personal issues and become comfortable with your specific uncomfortable conversations

Conversation Control

Regain and stay in control of the conversation for longer

Positive Relationships

Maintaining harmonious working relationships after conducting a difficult conversation

To Compliment Day 1, Why Not Add The Difficult Conversation Simulator On Day 2?

What Will You Gain By Adding The Difficult Conversation Simulator To Your Workshop Workshop?

Practice makes perfect. The Difficult Conversation Simulator lets you practise real conversations, with real people, in real time. Practice, feedback, review and practise again with our trained Actor staff and Master facilitator to have your confidence soaring in any crucial conversation!

We work with you to develop custom conversations, or work through some of our more difficult examples to build your skill.

Live Practice

Work with trained actors and take part in a ‘real-life’ difficult conversation

Confidence Verbal Communication

Let your confidence soar after completing your most difficult and uncomfortable conversations with ease, based on feedback from our experienced actors and coaches

Real Responses

Practise real-life conversations with real-time responses, learning how to adjust your conversation style, content, emotion and resolutions in real time.

Replay Again & Again

Didn’t feel confident in your first practice – do it again! Want to adjust your style, try something different or go deeper in your responses? The choice is yours

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