Supervisor and Team Leadership Program

The Supervisor and Team Leadership Program is a comprehensive 4-day program designed to help established supervisors and team leaders excel in their roles. Our experienced facilitators will provide the tools, strategies, and techniques needed for you to become an effective leader. 

Through hands-on activities and interactive discussions, you’ll learn how to develop strong teams that can consistently deliver top results.

During this program, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to effectively lead your team by understanding the importance of communication, delegation, motivation, problem solving, and decision making. You’ll also learn how to manage conflicts between team members and handle difficult conversations with staff. 

At the end of the program, you’ll have the skills necessary to create high performing teams that are capable of delivering sustained results. You will be able to confidently make decisions that benefit both your team and organisation as a whole.

We work with supervisors and team leaders who:

  • want high-performing teams that deliver sustained results.
  • want to impact the strengths and weaknesses of their own (and their teams) skills and behaviours.
  • want practical skills, tips and solutions that have been forged through experience in multiple industries and situations.

Become the Leader that others choose to follow

The easiest way to get started or to advance on your leadership journey is to book a FREE 15 Minute Introductory Session for Individuals or a 30 Minute Introductory Session for Team Leaders, using our simple online calendar.

In your session we’ll discuss your aspirations and show you how Developing Leaders can help.

Become the Leader that others choose to follow today.

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Supervisor and Team Leader Program