Performance Management Essentials

For more comprehensive performance management techniques, our Performance Management Essentials workshop provides leaders with the skills they need to successfully manage their staff’s performance. 

Are you struggling to have honest, open and CRUCIAL performance conversations with your staff? Do you need help knowing what to say, when and how? The Performance Management Essentials workshop can help. This workshop will provide the tools and strategies you need to have meaningful conversations that make a difference.

We work with leaders to:

  • boost your crucial conversation confidence and get to the point
  • how to use the ‘right words’ to ensure understanding
  • understand your personal communication style and how to adapt to others
  • use the ‘right’ words for understanding and get you message across clearly and without confusion
  • build skills in dealing with personal issues and uncomfortable conversations
  • design and frame a crucial conversation and apply it in our *P.M Simulator


Lots of tips and tricks to accelerate efficiency and effectiveness for yourself, your team and your business


Practice, feedback, review and practise with our trained Actor staff and Master facilitator to have your confidence soar in any crucial conversation!

The Performance Management Simulator

Practice makes perfect. The Performance Management Simulator lets you practise real conversations, with real people, in real time.

The behaviour that has the biggest impact on difficult or crucial conversations – PRACTICE! We work with you to develop custom conversations, or work through some of our more difficult examples to build your skill. You will:

  • Work with trained actors and take part in a ‘real-life’ difficult conversation
  • Build your confidence
  • Practise real-life conversations with real-time responses
  •  Amend, edit and change your conversation based on feedback from our experienced coaches
  • Have the same conversation with multiple responses, or ‘build’ the scenario and go deeper – the choice is yours

Rather than role-playing with other participants, where the responses are not always accurate or comfortable, we provide you with specially trained male and female actors to take on roles and positions within your team. This gives you the opportunity to practise responding to real life situations in a safe environment. If you make a mistake or struggle with your words under pressure, you can simply try again! It’s like a pilot logging in hours of work in a Pilot Simulator – allowing you to practise performance management and difficult conversations without having to risk costly mistakes. You’ll be better prepared for when these situations arise in real life.

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Performance Management Essentials