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I had the privilege of working with Michael as my executive leadership coach during the first half of 2023, and I can confidently say that he has been a transformative force in my professional journey. Michael’s coaching style was personalised and tailored to my specific needs, encompassing a wide range of essential leadership skills, productivity enhancement, and addressing challenging behaviors. Through his guidance and expertise, I acquired a fresh perspective on leadership, enabling me to approach it with renewed passion and confidence. I highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership potential.

Ali Edwards

Victorian County Court

A brilliant and genuine coach with a passion to help and listen. Michael empowers thought leadership through unbiased perspective while ensuring a comfortable space to express and bounce ideas. I was very much looking forward to our sessions together, bouncing ideas and challenges.  I also really connected and enjoyed Michael’s distinctive approaches to visualising problems through aviation and his Air Force experience. I would highly recommend Michael to any executive/manager wanting to enhance their senses and build on their managerial career forward

Asaf Ziv


After officially taking on the role of COO in our company with no prior professional experience in such a role, I knew I would need a hand getting up to speed if I was to do the best job I could. He’s an incredibly genuine person with a wealth of experience in the field that has really helped me find my feet in this role. Michael has also been instrumental in helping me reclaim my time which I’ve been able to use to make better decisions and return to a much healthier work life balance.

Billy Sullivan

Grease Monkey Games

Michael not only helped me identify these areas, but more than that grounded and rooted me in my own values, strengths and purpose which has helped realign me with my own goals and direction. The tools Michael introduced to me were so simple and effective I can recall them daily allowing me to put them into practise instantly when I recognise the disruptive behaviours in myself, my team and others around me.  Would definitely recommend working with Michael if you are looking for a clear, compassionate and effective leadership coach.

Bryony Bennett


Leadership coaching with Michael Peiniger has helped me more than I thought it would, I wasn’t sure what to expect but his coaching brought out the leader who was always in me, but perhaps was a little afraid. Michael has taught me to be assertive, organised and efficient, he also guided me to be more open with my team which sometimes means being vulnerable which is a strength I never recognised.

Francesca MacPherson

CIC Education

In his Executive Coaching program Michael has operated as a wingman for me – helping me see things that I would otherwise miss, helping me see things on the horizon and helping me coach and develop my own team. Not only has Michael helped me develop professionally, he has also helped me create more time and space to spend with my young family. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough for anyone considering an executive coach.

James Ryall

Vow Foods

The coaching process was an enjoyable way to learn a better attitude and approach to work that resulted in lifting myself and the team, fostering a productive culture of ownership and accountability. I made gains in managing tricky work relationships, developing good behaviors with respect to time management & planning, becoming aware of my own habits & self monitoring for what works/doesn’t, and big picture thinking. I now find myself more able to get the results I want from myself and others.

John Ratten

4 Legs Petfood

Michael has provided valuable insights into management behaviour and roles within our organisation – and into our individual approaches to everything that our work throws at us. Michael is someone who can assist you in getting the best out of your leadership team, and making the changes needed to be made clearly understood. Having known Michael for over ten years and seen a number of examples of the work he has done, I recommend him to you highly.

Stuart Smith

Fiscal Artisans

Working with Developing leaders couldn’t have come at a better time in my career. Taking the time and space to work with a coach regularly has enabled me to raise my management skills and focus on the important areas of development. Michael provides support at a high level but also with the day-to-day tricky things that we all have to tackle, and its makes a huge difference knowing you have that support to call on.

Summar Hammam

Peerless JAL

Michael’s approach to leadership development is unique to all others ensuring that his content & techniques have genuine cut through and enduring behavioural influence on leaders for such a mission critical challenge facing all organisations.

Tom Boadle, Managing Director


Featured Reviews