Leadership Program Reviews

Michael was used throughout the past year to run a number of workshops for management leadership training. I have benefited greatly from his presentation style, material covered, and coaching. I would not hesitate in recommending him in future for the leadership development of myself or others.

Aaron Wigley


I have known Michael in a professional capacity during which time he personally delivered professional training services to the REA Group over a period of a year. He delivered his sessions to the highest standard, has been reliable, professional and provides out of the box methods. He also offered one-on-one support after hours. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to lead and facilitate training sessions.

Adele Wapnick


‘Michael recently delivered a Leadership Development Program for us and has done a super job. He is a passionate and knowledgeable coach who has the ability to apply solid leadership tools into practical every day scenarios.’

Aine Murphy

MAB Corporation

I have participated in a few of Michael’s programs and will keep returning. Michael’s natural enthusiasm, and willingness to always step out of his own comfort zone, made it easier for everyone in the courses to follow his lead. A natural leader with an obvious passion for what he does, I would recommend Michael to any Leader / manager / business owner.

Alex Reynolds


The Developing Leaders course was so beneficial for our team. I loved the velocity checkpoint insights into my personality and management style, and found the advice on how to hold difficult conversations to be particularly valuable. It’s not always easy to approach sensitive topics, but the course provided some practical tips on how to navigate those conversations effectively. Some of the key takeaways included providing clear and direct feedback, active listening, working collaboratively to find a solution, accountability to ourselves and our team, and emphasised the importance of being respectful of your and others time. Highly recommend.

Amy Tuckwell


Working fulltime and also studying is not an easy task, Michael’s coaching methods were easy to follow, engaging, fun and he also made availabilty outside class hours for additional help that was needed. I would recommend Michael’s services to any organisation.

Andrena Rologas


Michael’s facilitation style allowed for honest, open and powerful conversations amongst our group, often taking people out of their comfort zone to gain a deeper understanding of what drives their own behaviours and thoughts. Upon completion of the course I was able to take several key learnings, new strategies and communication tools from the course that I still utilise in my day-to-day management of my team. I learnt how to be more assertive whilst engaging with my team, and how to connect with people on a better level to ensure buy-in and loyalty. I rate Michael 10/10 for his facilitation style and would recommend Michael’s skills and teachings to any organisation looking to build on their current leadership base.

Ben Nicholson


Michael led a leadership and culture program within my organisation. He was very relatable and effective with our group of leaders, who were each from diverse backgrounds and professions. Michael’s facilitation style unified the group and broke down any actual or perceived barriers. Personally, Michael gave me the confidence to share my vulnerabilities and learn and grow from them. He taught me to share my stories with people to enable a genuine learning experience. I would highly recommend Michael to any organisation who is looking to create a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency.

Christina Benson


There are many leadership programmes out there, but Developing Leaders is a cut above the rest. Previous programmes I’ve been involved with simply discuss your strengths and weaknesses, but don’t really give you anything to build on. Michael shares information on your strengths and weaknesses with you, but also discusses how your traits interact with each other. Under his coaching, I’ve become more aware of my behaviours both personally and professionally, which has resulted in my being better able to handle problems when they arise. I highly recommend Developing Leaders to any business or team leader who wants to learn how to build a strong, resilient, high functioning team.

Christine Tan

MSI Australia

Easily one of the best facilitators I have ever come across. His depth of experience and ability to get straight to the heart of things is first class. I still use a key facilitation and reflection technique I learned from Michael over 10 years ago. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Doug Hawkins


I’ve trained with Michael as both part of group sessions within our company, and one-on-one executive coaching. It was time well spent. The coaching process was an enjoyable way to learn a better attitude and approach to work that resulted in lifting myself and the team, fostering a productive culture of ownership and accountability. We worked on, and I made gains in the following areas: managing tricky work relationships, developing good behaviors with respect to time management & planning, becoming aware of my own habits & self monitoring for what works/doesn’t, and big picture thinking. I now find myself more able to get the results I want from myself and others. Michael’s manner is personable without letting you ‘off the hook’; his feedback oftentimes insightful, he’s heavily invested in helping you find your way to achieve the outcomes you want.

James Ratten

4Legs Petfood

Michael took the team to a new place during his workshop – the response and feedback from the whole group was amazing and they all took things away with them. Becoming Accountable is now a positive message – not a negative feeling! Can’t wait to take the team through more work with Michael and his team.

Jo Mear

Summer Foundation & Housing Hub

Michael was a very engaging facilitator, and was incredibly creative with his activities and delivery style. He had a sound knowledge of management and frequently used incidents that had happened to him to bring life to the training. He always encouraged discussion and was great at summarising the group’s responses. I really enjoyed Michael’s sessions and would highly recommend him as a trainer.

Julie Zumpo


‘I recently participated in a series of leadership development workshops run by Michael. Michael was an engaging, personable facilitator and I walked away with some really valuable takeaways from the sessions.’

Linda Howie

MAB Corporation

The Executive Leadership Program is a well compressed program for current and new leaders are willing to step forward to work as a team who are thinking outside the box to achieve the goals in a strategic and organized way. Michael Peiniger is a very experienced professional to train the multiskilled team to work as a team, and to understand the pros and cons of the current strategies. This can re-shuffle the skills and goals to achieve the targets to forecast in a strategic way. Also, this is a great platform for you to share your values and know your team in depth. There are some great tools that will help to rethink ourselves individually/team where are we now and who are the key people in the team for specific roles to take the stewardship to drive the business to great success. I strongly recommend this program for medium sized businesses to get a good traction between the team.

Nidhin Mannukadan


Michael worked with us at realestate.com.au facilitating Management Development programs for our managers and team leaders. He is a great facilitator and highly competent in the core management disciplines.

Roxanne Addley


Michael’s approach to leadership development is unique to all others ensuring that his content & techniques have genuine cut through and enduring behavioural influence on leaders for such a mission critical challenge facing all organisations.

Tom Boadle, Managing Director


Leadership Program Reviews