our Leadership framework

The Base for all of our Leadership programs, Workshops and executive Leadership Coaching

Our leadership framework provides the base for all of our leadership programs and executive leadership coaching. We have utilised a number of sources blended together:

  • our own experience - the wins, the hacks, the shortcuts and the learning from our mistakes,
  • recent articles,
  • research (ours and others) into leadership and high-performing teams, and
  • timeless models from the likes of John Adair, Patrick Lencioni, Stephen Covey and Simon Sinek (and many others).

We believe this blend of ideas and frameworks helps to develop leaders to build high-performing teams that deliver
improved business outcomes. The Institute of Management & Leadership Development's leadership framework revolves around 5 distinct leadership capabilities:

Your Targetted Leadership Behaviours Program

Each Executive leadership Coaching program is tailored specifically for each leader, often following on from a Leadership Performance Profile and debrief session.

Each leader completes their own ELC Coaching Outcomes, setting clear expectations for what they want to achieve for themselves, their team and their business. Coaching sessions are them structured to meet and exceed these expectations - taking into account each leaders strengths and areas of development.

While each coaching session and program is tailored and times to meet the needs of the individual, the coaching program contains more than 100 specifically designed coaching modules that can be drawn upon at any time. The coaching modules reflect the Kameleons Leadership model and relate the the 5 core leadership functions below:


Successful leaders have a clear understanding of the direction in which they are going, and the values they embrace to get them there. Your purpose and values provide you with grit, determination and focus to attain results. Like the engine in a car or the powerplant of an aircraft, it provides the drive and resilience to reach your goals.


How well do you manage the task at hand? Like executing a good flight plan, your organisation, focus on task and level of responsibility determine your ability to get where you want to go, in the time you want to get there. Your ability to think creatively and solve problems at hand ensure you maintain your set path.


‘Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself’. No aircraft can fly high without the support of a good ground crew. Similarly, no team can fly high without all individuals in the team being engaged; aware of their own behaviours, assertive in their interactions and happy in what they are doing. These factors, along with a firm self belief and clarity in your surroundings provide each member of the team the support they need.


Like the wings on an aircraft, an effective team can provide you and your business with the lift you need to fly higher and achieve more. Conversely, an ineffective team can drag your personal, team and business performance and be highly inefficient. Your ability to understand, communicate and listen to your team, hold them to account and provide constructive feedback all have an impact on how high your team and business will fly.


When a propellor-driven aircraft is in flight, you only see the outline of the propellor, not the individual blades in motion. Adaptable leadership qualities are similar; they only become completely when align, achieve, aware and altitude behaviours are all in motion. Leadership qualities are dependent on your team and internal and external environments - meaning they need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. Your ability to adapt determines your velocity (the speed and direction in which you and your team travel) and your reliability (how often you meet your objectives on time). Your reliability is your personal guarantee of 'on task, on purpose, on time'

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