Leading High Performance Teams

Are you managing a small team or business and feeling frustrated that you’re not getting the most out of your performance? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, disappointed in the results your team is achieving, missing deadlines and seeing team members not taking initiative? Do you feel like trust within your team is lacking and difficult conversations are being avoided? A Leading High-Performance Teams workshop can help! It’s a simple and effective way to start making an immediate impact on performance.

Improve your teams performance

The Leading High-Performance Teams Workshops are designed to meet your team’s specific needs. Whether you’re a Team Leader or CEO looking to meet your KPI goals, or you want to improve the individual Velocity Leadership CheckPoint results of each team member, these workshops have something for everyone.

The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint is an exclusive psychometric tool from the Institute of Management & Leadership Development that measures leadership behaviours. To learn more about it, click HERE.

Leading High-Performance Teams workshops focus on one or several of the 5 Leadership Capabilities of the IMLD Leadership Model. During these sessions, you’ll explore key aspects of high-performance behaviour and develop strategies for leading with excellence.

Rating your team

Are you satisfied with your business, team and leadership performance? If not, the Velocity series of Workshops is for you and your team. Take a moment to reflect on how you would rate each of these aspects out of 10: your business, the performance of your immediate team and your personal leadership capability. Chances are, you won’t find much difference in the answers. So what can you do to make a positive change?

Are You Ready To Begin Leading High-Performing Teams?

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Workshops are delivered face-to-face in our amazing new training rooms at Level 17, 31 Queens Street, Melbourne (a short walk from Flinders St station)

Leading High Performance Teams