07 Nov 2015

Sneak Peak – Velocity Leadership CheckPoint

While these tests have been useful, there has always been something missing – gaps in focus areas or utilising a profile that isn’t aligned with the leadership program or coaching content – we have had to ‘fit with what was available’.

After several months of trialling and review, we are close to providing our own Velocity Leadership CheckPoint (VLC). We have been using the VLC in soft copy version for a little while in coaching, but it will shortly be up on the website in an interactive form.

Why our own assessment?

With the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint, we get a benchmark picture of a leaders skills across 25 behavioural traits, focussed in 5 distinct leadership capabilities, 

  1. Alignment
  2. Awareness
  3. Achievement
  4. Altitude (Team Leadership)
  5. Adaptable Leadership Qualities

Our Executive Leadership Coaching, Leadership Programs and Velocity Workshops all utilise the same leadership capability framework, providing a consistency for the learner / coachee, and a benchmarked way of seeing improvement and development.


Interested in having a look at your own Velocity Leadership CheckPoint?

Call us on 0409 627  270 or email leader@kameleons.com.au to get the link.


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