07 Nov 2015

Team Development Lessons Taught By My Dog – 15 Lessons

 1. The team rules need to be understood and applied by all members of the team / pack.

 2. You need to protect your team from outside forces.

 3. Listening and being present are important to your team.

 4. Greet your team members like you are meeting them for the first time every day.

 5. Consistency is crucial to trust and understanding.

 6. Trust is built over months, not seconds.

 7. Learn the things that you shouldn’t do in the team.

 8. Remember that each team has different rules to live by.

 9. Show respect for your team in ways that they appreciate.

 10. Understand the unique behaviour and skill set you bring to the team.

 11. Look after your team and they will look after you / You have to meet the needs of your team.

 12. Breaks in discipline / performance can’t wait until later to fix.

 13. Leading the team is not a half-hearted, part time responsibility.

 14. The leader needs to guide the team clearly and precisely.

 15. The leadership hierarchy needs to be understood by all of the team.

Each lesson will be expanded on within the blog in the coming days.


What are rules governing your team? Are they understood by everyone? Does everyone apply them? Consider the list and check to see if your team meets the criteria set out by Jake.

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