When our people and our business is in crisis mode – we can see our leadership traits – and team development strengths ✅ (as well as our weaknesses ❌) much more clearly.

2 Things that will make a difference this week – assess your best and worst leadership skills and assess your best and worst team processes – then make necessary changes.
We get to see the best and the worst of both. Now is the time to work both – utilising your strengths for advantage and working on your weaknesses for improvement. 
✅ or ❌. Assess your own leadership skills and the skills of your team – don’t let this be the time that training and preparation fall by the wayside – this is when you need training the most – NOW is when it has the most benefit – because it is put into action straight away.
✅ or ❌. Assess your team processes – what is working seamlessly and what stands out for improvement / overhaul. 
NOW is the time to make the necessary changes when it will impact the most.
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