Does blame tarnish your leadership ability? Do you work (or have you worked) for a ‘blamer’?
Few behaviours look as bad for a leader or manager as blame. It can be detrimental to the team, and to our own credibility – yet for many, it can be a default behaviour under pressure and stress.

Blame is one of the 6 inefficient or ineffective behaviours of the AIR/ BLEEDS model that leaders can display when they are not at their best. The BLEEDS behaviours are:
? Blame
? Leniency
? Excuses
? Exoneration
? Defence
? Shame

Why discuss this? Because awareness of your default behaviours under pressure and stress result in you being less likely to spend time there! Sharing your defaults with your team also mean they are less likely to hold these behaviours against you, or have permission to ‘check in’ with you to assist in getting you back to a more positive, efficient and effective state of mind.
Discussing default behaviours with your team can be a very powerful to establish and build trust – but it takes some knowledge and a degree of vulnerability – you are sharing some of your less desirable behaviours. But it is done to create a positive outcome.

The more effective states for leaders are when we are in a space of:
? Accountability
? Intention
? Responsibility

To be effective, accountable and responsible leaders, it is worth look at our behaviours – both good and bad – particularly when under pressure and stress. Our behaviours impact us, our team and our business – they are an incredibly important aspect of leading others.

What is your default behaviour under pressure and stress?
Do you blame?
Do you make excuses?
Are you too lenient on others?
If you want to learn about your leadership behaviours and what you can do to impact them, reach out via DM.

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