21 Sep 2021

Great Leaders and Managers Are Critical Thinkers

Well that got some people thinking! Developing the critical thinking of your leaders and team members can have an enormous impact on the way in which problems are dealt with, meetings are conducted and conflict resolved. In this Diploma of Leadership and Management unit, we focussed on how to develop the critical thinking skills in others.

Using De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats as a base, participants were encouraged to see problems from various different perspectives outside their default, ensuring consideration of as many perspectives as possible within limited timeframes.

Some advantages gained by developing critical thinking skills in your team include:

🔹 Looking at problems from several points of view,

🔹 Considering the views of other members of the team and giving it a voice,

🔹 Not being swayed by emotion or volume of argument,

🔹 Reducing bias and reliance on one particular viewpoint,

🔹 Getting to the heart of an issue quickly, and

🔹 Making decision quickly and efficiently.

In a time when binary thought (good/bad, right/wrong etc) is used extensively by media, it is important for leaders and managers to to think beyond two viewpoints, and explore the best options they have available, and to encourage all of their team members to have a voice in finding solutions to problems.

A pleasure once again to work with the team from LyondellBasell – a group of leaders and managers investing time and effort to improving their skills for themselves, their teams and their business. A shout out to Lee Hartwell for coordinating and organising this program for your business. Amazing to partner with the team at The College For Adult Learning in this new Diploma unit – Develop Critical Thinking In Others.

Great to work with such a dedicated teams!
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