A huge thank you to Daniel Carrasco, Guy Maslen, Joanna Neal and Nigel Yeung for sharing your thoughts and experiences working with Michael Peiniger executive coaching and as a transformational coach.

Working with Michael was great experience. As a coach he could shape the conversation in way that brought new perspectives, and he was unafraid to challenge preconceptions where it was needed. He also provided valuable analysis and feedback, with the sharp insight born of experience. I’d recommend Michael whether you are looking for a coach or a business leadership mentor.

Guy Maslen, Chief Operations Officer, GNS Science

Michael has completed his certified coaching course with Coaching Master Academy, accredited under the International Coaching Federation. He is an energetic collaborative person who has a genuine heart for people and the business network. He thrives in bringing optimal joy, hope and overall life satisfaction to others. What impressed me most is Michael’s strong sense of integrity and honest friendship. These qualities are what many in Michael’s network value and honour greatly. He has added value to me personally and to network.

Daniel Carrasco, Associate Education Director, Adventist Education

Michael is a seasoned coach who brings enthusiasm and positivity to the coaching conversation. I would highly recommend Michael as a coach to anyone at any level seeking to grow and develop.

Joanna Neal, People and Capability Manager, Tua Ora

Michael is dedicated, professional, sincere. He does not let go. He is supportive of classmates and provides insight in team discussions. It is a pleasure to spend time with Michael in our group discussions. He is a leader and supporter all in one great person!

Nigel Yeung, Director, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

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Executive Coaching

Focussed, personal, confidential, honest and practical – all words that have been used in testimonials to describe the Institute of Management & Leadership Development’s Executive Leadership Coaching. If this sounds like something that could be useful for you or a member of your team, get in touch with us today for a confidential chat about your needs.