We get to work with some amazing leaders and managers within small business and family business at IMLD. Today is National Family Business Day, and we wanted to highlight some of the amazing family businesses we have the pleasure of working with – today it is 4 Legs Petfood.

4Legs is a proudly family owned Australian business located in Sunshine, Victoria. 4 Legs have been making high quality, all natural, fresh pet food for over 25 years. Their story began when Tony Ratten was scouring supermarket shelves for a fresh, wholesome food to feed the beloved family dog, Coco the Schnauzer. Unable to find what he was looking for, Tony decided to create his own, and 4Legs was born.

The team at 4 Legs work hard to ensure all of their ingredients are sourced from trusted, quality local suppliers and are certified Pet Food Industry Association (PFIAA) members, PrimeSafe audited and Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified. Their food philosophy is simple: they believe that dogs thrive on a diet full of fresh meat and vegetables, an appropriate amount of healthy grains and essential vitamins and minerals – with all of their products being 100% preservative free and without added salt, sugar or colours and flavours.

Leading a Business Is A Family Affair

Leading and managing a family business brings with it some unique situations and challenges that many larger, non-family businesses don’t face. Today, 4Legs is a true family enterprise with all three of Tony’s children working in the business and sharing a passion for crafting delicious and nutritious meals for cherished family pets. At IMLD we have been fortunate to be able to work with CEO John Ratten, Engineering Projects Manager James Ratten and Marketing Manager Olivia Ratten as well as several supervisors and staff as they continue to provide high-quality products for committed dog lovers and owners.

It is clear that the whole family team at 4 Legs Petfood take great pride in creating exceptionally delicious and nutritious food with the aim of helping cherished pet live a longer, healthier and happier lives. On National Family Business Day, we couldn’t be happier partnering with such a dedicated team!

We are proud to be associated with the wonderful team at 4 Legs Petfood, working hard as a successful Victorian family business in the manufacturing industry. If you would like to know how your cherished pet can benefit from the expertise of the team at 4 Legs Petfood, follow their LinkedIn Page or direct to their website at 4legs.com.au.

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Are You Looking To Develop Your Family Business Team?

Leading and managing in a family business tasks something! Competing priorities, family members as peers and workmates, difficult conversations – they are all part and parcel of working in a family business. IMLD has been working with small and family businesses since we began in 2004. We understand the unique nature of leading teams and developing cultures within these environments, and what to do when the behaviour and performance starts to drift.

While blood is definitely thicker than water, sometimes it takes a trusted advisor from outside the family to provide ideas, suggestions and options that you wouldn’t normally think of to bring your family business back in the direction of the goals you have set. If you would like to improve the efficiency and effective of your family business but don’t know where to start, book in a Discovery or Q&A call with one of our skilled facilitators.

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