Working across industries at IMLD we have a rare opportunity to provide leadership insights to leaders and managers regarding their teams. Are you part of the 85% of Australian leaders that assume in a culturally diverse country, with differences in age, gender, experience (at home and at work), role models, culture and opinions, that we would all have the understanding of ‘common sense’?

If you haven’t explicitly stated what you want from your peers, teammates and the people you work with – in regards to behaviour, right and wrong, expectations – the chances are they won’t know.

They will fly blind to what you love and because you don’t reinforce – they won’t repeat it.

They will fly blind to what you dislike and likely repeat it – because you haven’t made it clear that it not what you want or need.

As the Christmas season approaches and many businesses take on casual staff (from all walks of life and work experiences) – should you take a moment to get explicit about what you expect? No one wants to be on the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list and not know it.

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