To takes something to develop a high performance team. But what is ‘something’? Simple question: What would you rate our team out of ? right now? 7️⃣ ? 8️⃣ ? If so, your team is at a critical point. If you rated your team a 5️⃣ , you would already be doing something to address it. But a 7️⃣ or an 8️⃣ – that is good enough, isn’t it?

IMLD – High Performance Teams Workshops

Teams that are rated a 7️⃣ have enormous risk or going back to a 5️⃣ really quickly – mainly due to complacency. After all, it you rated that well, you don’t need to:

? invest in training or coaching (people are performing),

? have those uncomfortable conversations (they will work it out – they are good performers)

? hold others to account for shortfalls in performance (it will come around)

Or do you?

Teams that consistently rate themselves highly (and have others rate them highly as well), do so because they have a relentless pursuit and desire to maintain that level. They realise if they don’t focus on high performance, it can become average performance quickly, as the competition catches up.

If you are seeking to develop a high-performance culture within your team, the IMLD High-Performance Team workshops are a great place to start. We can challenge you to challenge your team performance, and bring a high-performance team culture to reality.

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