Is your Diploma of Leadership and Management practical enough to impact performance beyond the training room / workshop? What an absolute pleasure to work with the leaders and managers of LyondellBasell for the 8th workshop of the Diploma of Leadership and Management – Lead & Manage Organisational Change.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management Is More Than Theory

Rather than just discuss models and theories of change, at Institute of Management & Leadership Development we design experiential activities that immerse participants in a live team activity, and create an unplanned change that the team has to problem solve and communicate to work through.
When you ‘feel’ a change and experience an unplanned change, the learning on the topic of change is amazing.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management can, and should, be so much more than a set of new model and theories. It should never be about wrote learning lists and undertaking meaningless activities for the sake of assessment. A cleverly designed Diploma includes practical activities that challenge both the participants and the facilitators, and result in some in depth analysis of leadership behaviours that have been experienced in the activity, and can translate back into the workplace. Activities such as this have the ability to ‘anchor’ learning – participants might not remember a model / concept weeks after a Diploma model, but they will most likely remember the activity, remember the behaviours and the emotions – and through that remember the key learning points of the activity and the Diploma module.

Diploma of Leadership & Management Practical Activities
Practical Activities Put Theory In Practice and Provide Valuable Learning and Debrief Opportunities

For leaders that were already dealing with an extraordinary amount of change – the level of discussion, thought and consideration of what constitutes good and bad change management was extraordinary.
A huge thank you to a wonderful group of Diploma participants – only one more workshop to go!
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