Well we timed that badly, didn’t we? ? First day of ‘freedom’ in Melbourne and we planned day 1 of our new Diploma of Leadership and Management cohort!

Despite the desire (and request) for margaritas before lunch (which I might add seems like a great way to facilitate a Diploma program ? ) we kicked off the new program with a bang, starting with the workshop ‘Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness’.

While this workshop is quite broad in topic, it is filled with some fantastic gems of practical knowledge and tips for leaders and managers, including:

? Discovering the values that are important to you when leading,
? Your communication style and how it impacts others,
? Your Team Expectations Checklist (essentially your ‘likes and dislikes’) ❤️❤️❤️ This topic is rarely discussed or aired, and is absolute gold for new leaders or leaders of new teams,
? The important of networking and sharing skills and knowledge,
? The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, and
? The experiential activity ‘red and blue game’ to test team dynamics and decision making.

A wonderful new group of participants who I am looking forward to working with for the next 9 months! This is the 3rd cohort of the IMLD Diploma of Leadership & Management this year, and each groups knowledge and skills seems to build upon the last. To the members of the senior leadership team at LyondellBasell that made this happen (including Mitchell Killeen, Ray Egan and Lee Hartwell) – thank you for the opportunity to develop the leadership skills and behaviours of your future leaders.

If developing your leadership skills – or the leadership skills of your team – is important to you, consider the Diploma of Leadership and Management.