When it comes to our personal leadership, ‘Your failures make your successes so much more meaningful’. Do you take the time to truly ‘own’ both? What I mean is – can you truly embrace your failures and see them for what they were? Where you went wrong? What you could have done different?
Do you truly embrace your successes? Celebrate them and enjoy them rather than brushing straight past them?
I realised after reading this quote and staying ‘with it’ for a while that I hadn’t really embraced my failures – I really hesitated in calling them failures! But that is what they were. Wasted time, or effort that did not work out as planned. Opportunities that didn’t work out – others that actually set me back. I may have called them ‘learning opportunities’, but they were still failures. 
Why this focus? Because without the dark there is no light. Successes are so much sweeter when we can truly embrace what hasn’t worked. In about 2 days I can announce a great win with a new program – and it will truly feel sweet (!), in part because of recognising what it took to achieve it.
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